Friday, May 21, 2010

Warning: Includes Boring Theatre Talk

Had a bit of a reimagining of my life this morning, which resulted in me picking out some classes and other stuff to do this summer. I think I just need to stay busy, so through classes and volunteering and starting The Full Monty tomorrow, I think it'll be a good evolution of me into the person I really want to become. It was through a pretty awesome heart to heart with Monica, and although she can be abrupt sometimes with her advice, it's always right, and always sound... it's just me who's the sensitive one.

The classes I've chosen are Beginning Capoera and Tai Chi. And maybe a swimming thing at College of Marin. I haven't decided that yet. But hopefully the two classes will make me more centered, build more stamina, and pull me out of this goddamned funk that I've been in for so long. It's just bettering oneself, and that only happens when one is proactive. Too bad it took me two years to get on board for this. Blah. Also, after Full Monty, I'll take some voice acting classes; that's really the only way to break into that field.

So in other news, I'm doing The Full Monty, and I have to be at the theatre for the first meeting tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Who rehearses that early? I guess it's what pro theatres do, do it like a job job, rehearsing throughout the day, but still, it's... just going to be tough getting there as early as possible, leaving here an hour and a half earlier to get to Santa Rosa on time. If this part wasn't so amazing, I would never have taken it. But, that's how it always goes, doesn't it?

I hope this wasn't a bad idea to accept this... but there's not much to do about it now, and it's only two months out of my life. If it sucks, it'll be done soon, and I can rock the acting out enough that if I'm not quite there with singing, I'm sure it'll end up okay. And hell, I have a Embers of War, a staged reading thing, that I'm doing as well, right at the same time, so that'll be fun to flex a different acting muscle. BORING THEATRE TALK DONE.

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Avocado Ice Cream!

I bought a quart.

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