Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We'll Be Right Back

Heigh ho, and we are back. Yesterday for some odd reason felt like a weekend. The weekends that I've been experiencing recently have been very much like that, sweet, but brief, so yesterday seemed very much like one, even though I was pretty much busy all day.

The morning I had candy pancakes, which were delicious, and various other breakfasty goodness like bacon and fake eggs. It was delicious. Monica is obviously fattening me up to eat me, but until then, I'm okay with the eating of the stuff. It gave me energy for my Kaiser audition (you know, the one I scheduled in FEBRUARY), and I had to leave for that around noon, getting ready at 11; I hadn't taken a shower or shaved yet, so that was a priority. In the shower and the car, running my monologue, I felt more confidence flowing through my veins. Maybe it was the butterscotch and chocolate chips, but I knew I was going to do well today.

Skipping the boring drive and the searching for parking, the theatre beaconed to me, and I went through the doors about 30 minutes early from my scheduled audition time. Friendly atmosphere... too friendly, I thought. The assistants (I counted 10 different people) all wore larger-than-need-to-be headsets, communicating with each other frendily, but very It was a strange experience, to say the least; sure they were efficent, but they seemed like they had no idea how theatre was actually run - with reckless abandon and haphazard scheduled times. Duh.

When it came time for my monologue, they walked me into a room so I could prepare. I prepared, running my monologue a few times, making it a little more dynamic, and then saw a sign above my head. "They will cut you off at 1 minute." "The Little Green Pig" was about 1 and 1/2 minutes long. 'S okay, I thought, they're gonna want to know what happens to The Little Green Pig. Nope. Cut off at not even a minute. My theory, they really didn't want me from the beginning, and they slipped a note to the timer saying "Time." with not quite an exclamation point, but not quite a period either. It was firm, decisive, they were ready for me to leave.

Now, I'm not reading into this really. I thought I did a good read, and had a pretty odd (but not unpleasant) experience at this place. It was a chance to work on my monologue, actually run it, and also to get a day off of work. Bonuses all around. What I think, however, is that they, like most grad programs, are not looking for talent, but types. Now now, I know. All theatre is looking for types. But even then, sometimes theatre makes an exception to the "rule" of types and casts someone that might be a little off type, if they are a good actor. I believe in that role. I believe, truly I do, that any person can play any role. With a little practice, they could play it well. It's a matter of honesty and believability. And when people (read: casting directors, directors, little stupid interns that don't know what they're doing) don't believe someone would do well in a part... well then in their eyes they never will.

In the other (better) news department, Telltale Games responded to my resume with a email saying that they'd like to talk to me about a GAME TESTER POSITION (!!!). That would be super spiffy, and of course would conflict with grad school. It's something to think about; I'm keeping mulitple options open. And it would be my other dream: Living fully through my LOVE OF VIDEO GAMES.

You know what I'm craving? A grapefruit.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Holy poop

It's been busy today. Not only that, but I've been trying to get my review out (it's out, now they need to copy edit it). I'm excited about that. I'm also kind of sillily excited about being in charge of this project here at work, even though it's probably going to be late because one of my coworkers is being REALLY slow about getting stuff done. It happens. Especially with her. It'll get done, even if we have to drive it to FedEx after hours. (I certainly won't be doing that, but if we have to, SHE'LL do it.)

It's weird, now here we are, sitting and doing approximently nothing. Only approximently because the phone rings every once in a while, and a FedEx label needs to be made at certain points, but for the most part, it's really quite quiet, save the sound of these flowers falling from this beautiful plant I have sitting next to me. Very much Beauty and the Beast-esque. I like it. Seems like a metaphor for something that I don't understand.

AGH, busy again.

I shouldn't be typing here. What I should be doing is finishing my review of my first show that I've reviewed professionally! I'm treating it like another review that I would do for my blog. But still. Here I am procrastinating. On a thing I want to do. Me me me, lets talk about me some more. I'm sorry. How are you?

Oh right. Blank paper. Well, I'm trying to collect John Adams. I think I'll have fun when I hae the full mini series. Oh, and I haven't yet watched last weeks LOST because of rehearsals and such. I need to catch up on that; but fuck me! This is tech week. Yikes. Late late coming back tonight. I did send off the thing to Moscow today, which I've been meaning to do for the past 2 weeks, and I'm going to send a card to Hector and Jeffrey thanking them again for the role, but when you have school in the way, there's really no choice.

Okay, back to the review, I'm not going to finish it if I keep on typing here.

This car cut me off to be stopped at a red light

Ah, hubris. I love you so.

Friday, April 25, 2008


I just put a submission for that ad on Craigslist. Full article here. Although I don't know how long that will stay up. Man, it would be neat to be on the History Channel. SO COOL! I conned monica into applying for it as well; one of the characters describes her to a t, to put it in her words. It would be neat, and probably well paying, as well as a nice little honest to goodness film credit. Booya.

It's always the best when it gets into the last hour here at SWA. Just looking down at the clock in the lower right hand corner just makes everything tingle, and seeing the numbers click over.. then realizing, Hey! Only 54 minutes left.. now 53! for some reason brings such delight. Honestly, it's the soul suckage that's going on; my being is now being absorbed into Corporation. My entity is no longer an individual, just a cog. Sounds kinda like the borg, except not as cool, and no super strength. Although, honestly, I think the borg would kick someone like me out; when you add someone who loves playing video games, drinking, watching movies, and having sex to the borg, it sort of lowers productivity, especially if it wasn't voluntary.

Although, knowing my personality, I probably would go into it voluntarily, if just to get the super strength, hive mind, and really hot borg queen.

And of course, once my mind goes down that wonderful path, I get a huge assignment. Way to go Friday afternoons at a place where people can't manage their time. Nice.

At least.

The grind has finally wound its way through the cracks in my +3 Armor of Sarcasm and my +4 Cape of Indifference and made it to my soul. Now my soul is sucked, and I feel a change coming on. It's a small change at first, that just fills you with a mild dread, and then you succumb. This is how it begins; I'm really excited for Friday. Thank God It's Friday, even. I feel hideous for thinking that, why should I be happy? I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, and then another week of boredom after that. I've never been excited like this before. It makes me feel strange and different; a completely different person in a completely different world. I am lost at sea, and am afraid to fall into this office world.

But at least it's Friday.

I've scheduled a time to see Love Person over at MTC for my magazine. It's going to be pretty cool, I hope. If not, then it'll reinforce the concept of "THAT'S why I never get cast around here" concept that's been going through my head recently. (It's because everyone' s stupid, that's why, really.) I really hope it'll be good though, I like seeing good shows, and I like writing about good shows. Then again, I like being funny when I see bad shows... so it's all good. I think this will be a neat start to something new. I don't know if I could ever make a career out of it; but it certainly would be fun to do for a while, don't you think? I wonder who I'm talking to.

I hope I can get some video game action in during this weekend. I haven't played Portal in FOREVER, and BioShock for even longer. I have a feeling I also want to grab The Orange Box and sit down to work on Half Life and Team Fortress 2; all of these games seem right up my alley. Also, LOTRO is there, beconing me from underneath its constant updates.

Also, I just found out that Amazon is having a sale on Sim City Societies for $10. I never thought I'd buy this game at full price, so this is a nice little thing. And it also gives me an excuse to buy two other games in a "might as well while I'm there" sort of thing. Yes, I continue to be a consumer whore. But hey, that's what's happening to me! Job = buy shit!

So this was certainly a scattered post. Hopefully something more coherent later.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last night was bearable, mostly to the fact that I was able to play Chrono Trigger 90% of the time there on my emulator on the iPhone. I wan't able to get the cat food at the fair, but surprisingly enough, I was able to get the Crono Doll! And I haven't even been to the past yet. AND the controls are hard; they're not tactile like a normal controller, it's just on the screen. So all of that is pretty good. I don't think I'm going to be able to get the cat food though, so my cat will (unfortunately and probably) die later on.

My mom should have fed him anyway. Fuck that. I'll just go get Magus' purple cat later on when I get Magus in my party. Purple's a better color anyway, than stupid old brown. Brown the color of his soft fur, and his deep eyes... OH KITTY! I'M SORRY I DIDN'T GET YOU CAT FOOD, I HAD TO GO TO THE PAST TO RESCUE THIS GIRL I JUST MET BECAUSE SHE HAS SOME PENDANT THINGIE.

*sniff sniff* Okay, I'm better now.

Stuff to do on my Night Off:

Take a shower (necessary)
Do laundry (could be delayed)
Work on my Wireless problem (could be delayed)
Watch a movie (necessary)
Work on lines (necessary)
Run Monologue for Kaiser (necessary)

Rehearsal last night, however, DID waste my time. Oh well.

Been having troubles with Transmission ever since my Airport was installed. It seems to not affect anything else, just the download speeds. I've found a few troubleshooting pages and uploaded them to, which is a really cool catch all of neat shit I've found online. I really am getting into the groove of tumblr, it's a neato scrap book. This is for my normal writing, and that's for all the other shit I want to check out and helping stuff. Pretty cool.

I've been asked to review theatre for Edge San Francisco, a web magazine. It's cool, but they've been very standoffish about getting information about what I need to do, except for the dates that are involved. I've told them - many times - that I'm in a show, so this is hard for me, and emphasized the fact that I applied for the job back in JANUARY and times change. They don't seem to know that and are a little weird about it. Not really what I want from a potential employer, even if it's in a field that I love. Of course, they are trying me out, just like I'm trying them out; if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

If it falls through, it falls through, and as of right now my first review is this sunday... right when I'm scheduled for a rehearsal. I might be able to get out of it, after all, I don't really need to be there; my scenes are fine. Whatever! After all, I've been there every single night, even nights I wasn't called, and they've just wasted my time. It's not so hard to ask for a little time of my own. It's really just weird experiences, you know? Seems surreal to me.

Okay, just got done with an all encompassing message. Groovy. Everything's settled. Now I just need to DO IT! Which means a lot more writing - good stuff. Back to the day...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heigh Ho A Pirate's Life...

snes4iphone is probably one of the coolest things I've ever worked on. That is, if it could ever save games. I've been reading forums and it always ends up in the same dead end, with people asking the same question I have, and then no responses after that. I even posted, asking for specific instructions on how to do it; hopefully some nice chap will give some instructions other than just "you have ot put it 777 or rite chowm on it". I love the community we have online sometimes, but other times... man oh man, lets just for a second think people don't know what you're talking about. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

Then again, this may just be my computer devices saying, "Hey wait a minute Ben, wouldn't Chrono Trigger be best played on your computer, so you can sink 12 hours in it with one sitting." Of which I say, "Yeah, you're probably right, so I'll just get Mega Man or Metroid or something simple to play when I'm on car rides or on long plane trips." But still, I'd like to solve this problem; I don't want to have to try and play Chrono Trigger all the way through in one sitting. That'd be kinda fun though.

So anyway, I'm going to run home at lunch, and then grab lunch on the way back to the office. That should be okay. Then hopefully this situation will be over, lunch will be had, and an afternoon of hell will be ahead. Rince, repeat.

I just hope Tim isn't on my computer for an epic amount of time when I get home... I hate having to kick a grown man off there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Other News

Oh yeah!

I think Leah's really pissed at me!

Maybe I'll get fired!

You know what? I'm going to call perfect timing tonight and see if they can hook me up with another temp job. Or maybe I'll keep on sending resumes out and see what happens.

Le Sigh

Wireless internet! Woohoo! It's funny that the only reason I bought and set up a wireless internet was to upload video games to my iPhone, but there you have it. I finally came to the point where I needed to use wireless for something, rather than it just being a luxury that I didn't really care about; something that was nice, but ultimately whatever. But now a whole new slew of options has opened up with wireless at home... oh man oh man! My iPhone can be more awesome anywhere in my house now! And I can move my computer (if I wanted) to anywhere in the home! Cool! But then again... I could just be playing on my computer. Shut UP, voice of reason.

It was cool though, and a chance to spend more money on Apple products. Like they need more money sure, and they are building things in China, therefore supporting a horrible regime of terror on Tibet. So techinically, I'm to blame for everything happening. But then again, one can't blame oneself for living in this culture that we live in; after all I can't be responsible for where the suppliers buy things, all I can do is choose where I buy from. It's a stupid fucking world we live in. At least it's wireless now though! WOOHOO! Fuck Tibet!

Ugh, that made me feel bad.

And, in the "Karma's a Bitch" category, my granola bar is weirdly chewy. They're supposed to be crunchy and delish, but this is weeeird.

Okay, just told Bonny about super secret thing that needs to happen. I mean, Vegas trip that I totally botched in communication. If she disagrees, I probably won't be able to go, and be out about $150 in plane fares. (I'd be out more if I did go to Vegas though, HEY-OO!) The main drag is that if I miss it, it'd be Monica and I's 1 year anniversary that I'm missing, and while I'm not really one for anniversaries, she is, and it certainly would be fun to be in Vegas for that, specifically at Mandalay Bay. I am so excited for it. I'm not going to say "was;" I want to keep my hopes up that Bonny will come through with the scheme and let me go. I really want to go. Whatever.

I'm just going to blame everyone else except myself: My job, my play, my love of not telling people my schedules. Everyone else is to blame, not me!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Why I love acting by ben knoll

Just finished my scene here at this awful place; I loved it. I don't
feel achey in my back or in my massive headwound received yesterday
(thanks keith)

It's my adrenaline and my love of the art that lets me immediately
become a superman onstage; unable to feel pain. Or at least aches.
It's almost magical. Makes me so fucking happy sometimes I'll burst.

That's it. I'm also getting much better attyping with my thumbs.

Could be a general one... but...

Mr. Knoll,

Please accept my apology for this unfortunate situation with the Acting/Performing Option. I can tell you that, assuming we receive a viable applicant pool for the 2009-10 cohort (which we surely anticipate will be the case), your application will be positively considered. I strongly urge you to please consider reapplying during the next application cycle that will open around October 2008.

John Ramirez

pretty cool, huh!?

Just a normal entry.

It's the super little annoyances that have been getting to me lately, the most recent example being the cell phone charger (also ipod charger) fell out of the socket last night, so I have no batteries on my phone. Not to worry really, I can just plug it in here, but still, it just seemed to annoy the shit out of me for some unknown reason. It's mostly the strange rehearsal schedule that is given to me every day; you never know when you're going to be called, and then when you are called, you don't rehearse for like at least an hour, and after that it's a really dumb rehearsal process. No wonder I've never worked for these people before; they're so unprofessional - I think the universe was trying to protect me from what I was doing, but maybe the universe was taking a day off when they called me back.

THAT'S IT! They called me in, I didn't go to a general! That's how it worked, that's the difference. The universe was protecting me from the horror that was the place by making them not see beyond my audition, but when they called me in out of the blue... well, that's the loophole that the universe needs to help me with in the future. I mean, come on! You've kept me from a lot of plays before, why stop now?

Anyway. Tomorrow's filming. Next week is audition for Kaiser. All throughout that, and working, I have rehearsal for Sunrise. Reminds me, I should check the schedule. Yep, called tonight until 10:30. Why do I do theatre again? Passion, career, right right... gotta get out of the Bay Area. Geez.

Just told Leah my schedule. Cool. Getting better about this. I just had a weird fantasy just now. I was living in the same world, just in LA, when saying " I just got cast in a movie" wouldn't seem all that foreign. I wish I just went down there. Also wish that csula didn't cut the program for lack of interest. Sigh. I should email them back, saying how sorry I am. Part of me thinks it's just a big conspiracy, and that they're just being nice to me about rejection; then I think... wait, none of the other schools thought that, they just flat out rejected me. So there.

Just emailed them, "would I be considered for next years program" is among my short, thoughtful email. If they write back with something exciting like, "You're in! Just give it time!" It might give me pause about UHM. Then again, UHM... is... there... And it would be an adventure. Then again. Part of me really wants to just take off and start working. Just go to a better city for theatre and do it, goddamn it. Why do I need to put this off any longer? Well, it's a degree, that's why. GAH!

Oh so yesterday was Drew's birthday bash. Among other things (2 rehearsals, for one), so I had a really busy, tiring day. The main epic thing though was that I got wunged in the head pretty bad by Keith's shoulder, and now am still feeling a little woozy. I didn't think it was that bad at the time, but wooboy. Maybe I'm just tired. I'm hoping that I'm just tired.

Oh balls! Stream of consciousness: I'm taking a walk to Best Buy today to get a wireless router, and I totally forgot to upload music on my iPhone! Nothing wrong with that, just means I'll acutally have to pay attention to what's going on around me. SIGH.

Alright, I'm off to look over this monologue for Kaiser.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Can't Believe I'm Awake

It seems impossible, but I'm still up. I've had a shitstorm workweek, a dumbass day, and an even more rehearsal (more on that later, I'd imagine), and now I'm just sitting here, at my computer, completely awake. I had some stuff to do (burning some [deleted] for [deleted]) and said to myself, Just burn one disc, and then go to bed. Haha. Now it's almost 2.

I had this silly idea that this post would go off in tangents I never even knew I had, but with every keystroke, it's getting harder and harder to focus my thoughts and continue to type. That and it seems when typing on my home computer, blogger doesn't put the text into double space, so it seems like I'm typing a lot less than when I put it up at work. Oh yeah, the Great Experiment with multiple blog posting is showing some progress; I've received 2 responses there, and no responses here, I think that means Livejournal is still the most popular one. I just can't pull myself away from Blogger, it's just so much more casual, you know? I guess you don't, since no one is reading this.

Been posting more at Fantastick, and am definetly having a blast just shoving random shit on there; it's so much more intuitive than google notes. And by intuitive, I mean easy. I just have this little bookmarklet, and when I feel like I want to post something, I click it on my favorites and it automagically adds it to Tumblr. Pretty rock and roll, if you ask me, and you didn't, but it's my blog and I can write what I want! So take that, person who needs scolding! HA! Wow, I am tired. And yet, he's not in bed.

Rehearsal tonight was terrible. And I'm not talking like normal terrible, I'm talking like Pits of Despair, Worst Kind of Director, Oh My God Why Is This My Profession If I Have To Work With People Like This terrible. Rich is a maniac. I've had bad directors in the past, even "bad" directors who I know will make a good show I can handle, but this was just an amazing amount of ranty petty put downs and craziness. He was just fucking around the entire time. Everyone was fucking around the entire time (Except Tim. And me, really.). Weirdness abounded when McPsycho had me be a stand in for various people who weren't at rehearsal, and then I had to run the scenes over and over as if I was the actual person cast in that part. I constantly wonder how people like this get into power.

Oho, the real kicker was how he was treating this poor 7th grader in the play. Instead of telling them EXACTLY what to do, he was quizzing them. "What does a Navy mean? Who bosses you around like a Navy? What does that mean?" Yes, not hard questions, but this kid was embarassed, and when he wanted to whisper in his ear, he said, "No, just say it there!" I hate being belittled, but I'd rather it was me than these poor fucking kids probably going to be scarred for life at theatre and never persue the field again.

I'm going to stick with it though, but I'm not going to ask if I can go to any of the other callbacks; just can't bring myself to want to work with that man in any other capacity. And becides, they don't really do good shows. But seriously folks, come, it's going to be a great show, and I'm fantastic in it!


sobs quietly

ps. Tim is downstairs eating and drinking wine. I think he's an alcoholic.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I now realize what it takes to have a popular blog. All you have to do is simply steal from every other blog out there. For example, tuaw just ran an article that was originally posted on lifehacker. Seems like these folks never really come up with their own content; they just steal it from one another.

That's pretty much it; I'm just tired of reading the same shit on different places all day. Lame. Sorta. Whatever.

Still no response from the Moscow thing about more information. I really dont' want to jump into this thing. I don't know why I think it's a shady thing... I guess I just think it is. Gr. I'd just like to know what I'm getting into if I'm going to spend the last free spot of the summer doing this, before I go to MFA. Speaking of that, no notice from them either! I'm just going to call them tonight and see what's going on. In fact, sending an email right now.

Okay, I sent an email and had a pretty awful bowel movement (which was almost spelled "bowl movement" lets use our imaginations on that one, shall we?) but its' in progress. I'll probably call them tonight when I'm super bored at rehearsal (almost board); especially since I just found out that rehearsal starts at 7! Oh boy. Just enough time for me to go home, gripe, and then head on out. Yay!

Weird Feelings. Included: Autos

I now have a car.

I honestly didn't think this would happen; and really, it DIDN'T happen. The car isn't mine, I'm just borrowing it for a month - it really isn't all that different from me borrowing my mom's car. There is a difference, however: I don't need to check in with anyone, or do anything other than keep it all nice and neat and running until the month is over. It's kind of a strange feeling. But that's not the only strangeness I've been feeling.

Two evenings ago I received a message from Jeffrey Trotter, from North Bay Shakespeare; I was just cast as Bottom in Midsummer. Cool news! And I'd be paid the max $500 bucks from the run. Later than evening I received another call, it was from the Moscow Art Summer Academy; I'm in, and I can go and train with weird russians for six weeks. Cool news! I pretty much HAVE to do that, since it's with Harvard and ART, but all the Good News made my mind all weirdy mcweirderson. I sent out an email to Academy, asking about scholarships and who actually referenced me; I want to make sure it's not some kind of weird scam.

In stupid news, no word from Hawaii or from LA. Seems to me, then, that I need to get off my ass and continue to apply for these other places - as late in the game it might be. I want to see if I can even get SOMETHING else, a third tier, or a double backup, so that I'm not totally screwed at the end of the summer. Besides, if the real schools come through, I can totally just say "oh, I found something better. Thanks."

The really cool thing is that is an amazing excuse when it comes to what I want to do with my summer. The very fact that I HATE turning things down, but have to as an actor, has always given me pause. But now that I'm in something associated with Harvard, and have been (I think...) accepted into an MFA program, that kinda trumps all the shows. "Bottom? Sorry, I have Harvard. Small part in a stupid show for a pittance of Equity points? MFA program over here." It's a neat feeling, sort of like having the upper hand, but not reallly. It's more like that... I don't know really how it makes me feel.

Joan said, last night, that the summer class thing, "Couldn't happen to a better man." That was very flattering. She also said, after a round of jokes by me ("see, watch out, Violet's going to be like me in 24 years"), "That would be perfectly fine by me." I've been getting a lot of praise lately. I am a hard worker, and a good dude, I think... so maybe that's paying off.

Anyway. I want to thank Joan again for the use of her car (and the potential buying of her car for $500 bucks!) It's a 98 Saturn, 167k miles on it. Not terrible, especially since she said, "Just drive it around and see how you like it, and decide later." When we're on the same wavelength, she really is a really cool person. It seems like I'm hitting a bout of luck. Wish some more for me, will you?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rant and then Geekery

I was reading around the intarwebz today and found this article about Resident Evil 5's game trailer. It was really enlightening; I had the same feelings this guy had when he saw the trailer.

"Croal: I looked at the “Resident Evil 5″ trailer and I was like, “Wow, clearly no one black worked on this game.” Because I wonder, and I haven’t sort of really dug into it that much, but I wonder what sort of advice Capcom gave them. The point isn’t that you can’t have black zombies. There was a lot of imagery in that trailer that dovetailed with classic racist imagery. What was not funny, but sort of interesting, was that there were so many gamers who could not at all see it. Like literally couldn’t see it. So how could you have a conversation with people who don’t understand what you’re talking about and think that you’re sort of seeing race where nothing exists?"

I totally agree. The first time I saw the trailer, it unsettled me, and not in the way that horror games are supposed to; I was geniuinely disgusted at the imagry it portrayed, especially in this day and age of people at least pretending that we're better people and acknowledging other people in this world. Did they not even think that there would be a backlash for this? However, I do feel like the typical white dude with no black friends who makes these "oh I'm outraged" statements. But honestly, I would love a Scrubs like relationship in my world. Although I'd be less of an asshole than Zack Braff.

Wow, how'd I get on that tangent? Weird.

It really is just infuriating. Living in the Bay Area, we really are in a little bubble, with people who are relatively open minded yet still are somehow pretentious enough to fuel my rage at them. Gah! Did they really think this would be okay? Maybe that's what the developer wantedwanted, or maybe it's Japan and it just flew under their radar. (More I think about that, the more it seems the case.) Anyway, I will probably not be buying RE5, but I may rent it - I have a torrent of other ideas I would rather check out anyway.

Like Team Fortress 2! I may need to bite the bullet and buy that, it seems like so much fun... and if I ended up getting the Orange Box... man oh man! I'd be in gaming heaven. If I download Steam I can get the Orange Box for 30 bucks too... that is quite a deal. And thus ends the geeking out paragraph.

Alright People

Lets see if I can get this straight.

With this application ( I can do a shotgun blast of posts to all my blogs, including my newly made tumblr:

Unfortunately, it seems like I can only include actual HTML, which I don't feel like typing in at the moment (hence the actual copy pasted URLs, rather than included in the text). That's okay though, maybe through a beta things will be different.

We'll see how this works, and if it sucks, who cares! If it works, then people will actually know what's going on, especially my lazy friends who only read livejournal and then complain that I don't post; you know who you are. I actually post almost every day. You just don't know where anything is. I'm looking at you, Nick.

Anyway, I'm not too super excited about this, but it may work out really well.


I swear I don't know how this happens

I've only been at work for an hour and already I have no fewer than 10 articles I want to read on tech shit, theatre shit, and all around interesting shit. I honestly don't know how I do it. Google Reader is to blame. Ever since I added some super big blogs, they've given me all sorts of other stuff to read and keep me sane throughout my day. Not that reading is a bad thing! And keeping sane is good too, it's just after a few minutes, I look down and the task bar is so squished with minimized windows that I can't see any of the titles any more. Add to that my normal webcomics and facebook, and I have a really crowded space down there. Makes me feel more popular than I really am.

I was able to cut it down to a few articles right now, with the promise to myself to actually read the ones I have open and then simply go to the page afterwards, instead of having them all open in a torrential downpour of interesting goodies. Oh Reader, how you've spoiled me. Like one example: It's local groups around the country that give away stuff they don't need, so it doesn't end up in landfills. I'm checking it out; if there's nothing there that I want, I'll just leave the group. Take that, positive groups to help the environment and people not become consumer whores! I'll just go and buy 5 televisions from best buy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Winding Down?

Quite possibly, the day is actually winding down well. I've had an actual good day at work. It's been full of stuff that I didn't hate, and full of people that I only semi-loathe. I think it hasn't been a good day for everyone, but since I'm not IT, it doesn't really matter to me. Only in the fact that people call saying their email is down; I have no idea how to deal with something like that. And even if I did, they don't pay me enough.

So, with an hour and 10 minutes left in my day, I have looked back at what I've done today, and how surprised I was to realize that I didn't really hate today like I thought I would. I think I have to chalk it up to my trip to St. Louis. It was such a fun amazing trip that the proverbial high that kept me soarin' during the trip has kept me soarin' through this what might have been a shithole of a workaday. Another thank you to St. Louis. I think I was a lot more homesick than I admitted to myself.

My only bummer of today was not getting my walk in for lunch; I instead ate lunch on my lunch and studied lines. Productive, yes, but I really need to get back into that routine before I find a new, less healthy routine during my lunch breaks. (Plus side though, my lines are pretty fucking solid at this point. The only wobbly ones are for Sunrise, and I think I'm going to con my mom into helping me tonight.) When it rains it pours.

Talked to Shaun for a bit today. He asked me about the Star Wars game that he was unable to attend (it was the day after the wedding). Wasn't able to go either, so we mutually were a little *sigh* about that. We're both INCREDIBLY into gaming, but he is a far better DM than I am. I think it's mostly practice; he's been doing it for much much longer than anyone I've known, and the number of times I've DMmed a game I can (ashamedly) count on one hand. He's a good guy, I wish I could have gamed with him when I was there. Gosh, that sounds bad. Anyway, there's a pic of him on Nick's facebook page that's really funny. That wedding was awesome.

One little anecdote that I must write down so I don't forget: after the wedding when the wedding party was getting their pictures taken all around the area, we had some Lightsaber shots, and we had a fun time recreating some really weird poses - like Nick destroying us with one mighty Lightsaber blow, and the girls striking some sort of hybrid Long Time Ago/Galaxy Far Far away Charlie's Angels pose. It was awesome. At the end of the session though, we had turned off our sabers, Brian and I looked at each other past the rest of the group. He had that wild look in his eyes, no doubt I the same. Our blades flicked on at the same time, and we had the most bitchin' mock battle ever. I gotta get out there more often.

I think it just shows how gaming deprived I am out here. I've been focusing so much on theatre in my life, that I've really put my other passions by the wayside. It's what happens though, that takes over your life big time. Maybe I can find a good Sunday night group somewhere through Gamescape. I hope so anyway, I would love to get in a Star Wars d20 game again; man that shit is amazing.

Also, just found out that Pirates of the Burning Sea is closing down some of its servers. Shit. That seemed so cool, but I am partly to blame. I was really excited about the thing, but have no fucking time to ever play video games anymore. Ever. Seriously. I don't. I'm struggling with the ones I do have. How did I used to do it in college? I remember those nights playing WoW for hours upon hours. Oh well. Maybe soon when I'm independently wealthy, I can play BotBS for a bajillion hours.

50 more minutes!


I'm back I'm back! And things are falling into (somewhat) place with the car situation and rehearsals and other things. Except now that I think of that, I should email the Academy of Art people and see if we can get some hot rehearsal action going on in here. Mmm yeah. And the magic of a period and two spaces continues! Done.

The trip was mega fun. I don't think I've ever had as much fun going to St. Louis as I did with Monica. It's probably because she's never been to any of the flyover states, and thought St. Louis was a podunk town. Maybe not SUPER podunk, but more of a town and less of a sprawling city that it is. And man, it certainly is a lot bigger than I remember it; there has been so much construction even in the few months since I've been there. Except on the highway, really, that's still a stupid clusterfuck. Let me explain, they closed part of one of the main highways to expand it or retrofit it or something, and EVERYONE hates this idea. Pretty much everyone there thinks it's stupid and the money for the long process (2 years) would be better used for public transportation, and supporting actual things that will help in the long run, rather than more support for oil (been on a real That Grinds My Gears kick on that lately) which will hopefully all be gone soon so we have to focus on other things.

Anywho, fun trip. I ate A LOT and now have to try and get back into my rhythm of walking and staying fit, perhaps bringing back the short lived abdominial workouts that I did about a month ago and promptly forgot.

Lets see, the wedding, as before, was cold but beautiful, and the reception was fun and full of video games. It was great to see my old friends, I really miss those folks a lot more than I think I ever know. Eric, Nick's brother, made a superbly awesome best man toast at the dinner. Brian and I even started talking like we hadn't missed a day in gaming; I was even invited to a Star Wars d20 game, but had to refuse to go to Hannibal (better idea, that was A-MAZING). Next time, however, I'm totally gonna do it. That's one really good thing about St. Louis, I think there's a bigger consentration of gamers, at least tabletop ones, who like to still spend 4 hours at a time playing these games. I need to find another group like that around here, but it just doesn't beat the old fun times I've had back in the day. That was a big part of my life that just isn't there anymore.

I was able to see both Grandmas, and was also able, on the last day, to go to the City Museum, and play on the towers, in the caves, in the circus, and relive my old memories of volunteering there so long ago. I also played on MonstroCity, their SO MUCH BIGGER than I remember play structure outside. It's for all ages too, not just little folk; I in fact ran a bunch of them down getting to the ball pit. It was a dark day for their families. But a light hearted one for me and my own! There were 2 planes you could climb on. Also, a part of a church, I think. Also, it made me happy and I want to go back there right now. Also, there was a fire where you could toast marshmallows. It felt like I was in a live Psychonauts.

I wish it was longer. I didn't think I would ever say that about a trip to St. Louis. But I just did. And there you have it.

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We saw hippos moving!

Hi Folk(s)

Even though the one person who reads this is sitting here next to me, I feel oblidged to update a little bit, just to keep things documented for my sake, at least.

I'm not going to go into huge detail, but this trip to St. Louis has been one of the best EVAR. It's mostly because Monica's here with me, but also I'm seeing all my old friends from college, and seeing Nick all happy, and seeing my Dad and Laurie all happy together; it just makes me all squishy, and then I have to go to the bathroom.

I've been eating pretty unhealthily (read: Crown Candy, Ted Drewes, Pasta House, and others) but have been walking a lot (read: Malls, Zoo, History Museum, to restaurants) so I guess it all evens out. Even though I've been slacking on everything else (read: self control, ab workout, lifting weights), I still feel like I haven't been doing too bad. But really, I have been doing pretty bad.

Tonight was the Rehearsal Dinner, and it was a lot of fun! But kind of awkward at times, but thems the ropes. Tomorrow's the actual wedding, and I am just glad all I have to do is stand there rather than worry about some ring or some shit like that. I like how this is a totally chill wedding, but there's still the air of "why isn't this more formal" that rings around me whenever I think about it. Maybe it's just the stage manager in me, I don't know. Maybe that means something huge and dramatic's going to happen tomorrow. I sincerely hope that's not true either.

Anyway, time for bed, and we'll see!

At the science center!

This is a must see in the St. Louis area. We made an arch!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eating Pizza and The Money Shot

Last night Monica, Bruce, and I went to California Pizza Kitchen! We were hungry, and it was Bruce's last day ever before Mountain Play (tm) starts and he will be indisposable for months on end. I almost wrote moths on end. It was REALLY fun. We have a fun chemistry, the three of us, and we almost always have a terrific time on our evenings out. And now that I think of it, we go out on our little triplet dates a LOT. Mostly to Aroma, but other places too. It's really fun, this life we lead.

Anyway, that being said, I have leftover pizza this morning that I'm eating for breakfast/lunch. I'm leaving today for the Lou at 1, so I've been grazing all morning on this delicious tostada pizza. I'm trying to make myself pleasantly full all morning so I will have a mild food coma on the plane, and therefore be able to sleep. I think my plan will backfire, however; the flight doesn't leave until 4:10, and in the fashion of people who dont' really fly often, my ride is giving WAY too much time to check in. That's all good, really - better to hurry up and wait than be stuck in an airport. Have I ever said how much I love flying? I really do.

That was sarcasm right there.

It's going to be cool to see the old stomping grounds! I'm excited about bringing Monica to St. Louis, and excited that one of my best friends is getting married. And that the bachelor/ette party is going to be at Dave and Busters! Yay playgrounds for adults! (read: alcohol)

In other news, I'm reading some stupidly awesome simple tutorials about Apple Script, the functions program inside my computer that I have no idea how to use. I have a feeling that if I master this, other computer stuff will open up before me, and who knows, it might get me interested enough to actually look into more computer things and maybe start my other dream of web design/general computer awesomeness. It would be so neat to work on people's websites. I have a feeling my own personal website would be something simplistic on the surface, but the more you click, the more you find hidden underneath. I love those kinds. Yes, I'm a dork. My ideal thing is to bring more theatre online, have videos of performances, super detailed blogging, and awesome websites that people would actually WANT to come and visit, and then (hopefully) visit the shows. Maybe someday I can pull that all together.

So, the Money Shot. Today, I went to use some hand sanitizer. This type is Purell, so it's very chemical-y, and if left around, or in an enclosed space, it solidifies in this space. Anyway, I use this stuff a lot, especially when working on the mail, or packages, or installing shit. Basically any time I have to do ANYTHING; I'm kind of a germophobe. So apparently some residue built up on the "nozzle" section, and when I went to pump a delicious calming Purell into my beckoning hands, it shot up into my face. And that, my friends, is my Money Shot Of The Day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

This went a lot of directions.

Did I mention I had an audition on Saturday? Did I also mention how well it went? Did I also mention that they called me the very same day to come in today and read for Bottom? Didn't I mention that? Oh, it's a pity, because it's true. The callbacks are tonight from 4-8, so I'm going to get there at a fashionable-yet-just-got-out-of-work style of 6, with slightly rumpled clothes and haggard features. It's all the rage with most of young adults age 22-28. And up!

There's me getting distracted again and not finishing a blog post. You know, I should really just stick with microblogging, and when I go away from a page, I'll post it to show you all how short my attention span is. All 1 of my readers. Today's distraction: lolcats.

As per usual, I'm a little worried that I haven't been vocal enough about when I'm going to leave. I think, long ago, I said I was going to take a half a day on tuesday (tomorrow) and I'm pretty sure that I said that. I'm almost super positive that I said that. Almost... whatever. I think, as always, I am making a mountain out of a molehill, and in the long run, they do want to keep me because they don't want to train anyone new. Oh, and I'm a pretty good employee I guess.

Okay, THAT 40 minute non blogging break wasn't my fault; I needed to install a keyboard tray. However, the last 10 minutes have really been my fault; I was sipping tea in the kitchen. I made it too strong, but that's okay, it'll give me the boost I need until I feel horrible crippling boredom again. And then I'll do another blog entry! Wow! Fun!

Woo. I can tell it's going to be a weird day today. Tons of people meandering around my desk and behind to go to the supply room. Makes me want a different position of a desk so no one can see what I'm doing. Not that what I'm doing is BAD. I mean, come on! It's just... I'm looking up information to better the company... yeah. And the more I write, that means the faster I get for when I need to actually write the really important boring shit that they make me do here every single day. That, and I've still been messing around with Ikariam. Although, that game's been a little boring lately, I'd rather just bite the bullet and go out and play civ.

I think my next step in being bored at the office, however, is getting a portable 1gig drive and put some emulators and roms on it, so I can run it directly from the flash drive. And then when people aren't looking/are at lunch, I can totally play video games all day. The problem, however, is saving my progress; if I want to play later in the day at home, I'd have to reload it. Hm. It's something to think about, for sure.

CSULA still hasn't been back to me about the MFA program. It may be because my transcript got lost somewhere in the US postal system (thanks guys!) or maybe they're just taking a long time to decide. I know I had a fighting chance; I really hope I get it. I'd much rather go to a state school than UHM, even though I'd LOVE the place, I really wouldn't like the expense and being so far away from my friends. It's definetly something to mull over. Lets just hope they get back to me! Oh please oh please oh please. I think about it almost every day. I really want to get in there, especially after what Monica told me about the differences between universities and state schools - state's just nicer! And I believe it. I think that's probably very similar when it comes to state and university across the country.

And another break. I was hoping if I took a short break I'd get a call or something from LA saying I got in. I guess this trip coming up is going to be a good one - get my mind off all this shit, just go, and have fun! And maybe work on some lines too. That's pretty important for me to have those done by the time I get back - hit the ground running with these scenes and, oh right, the show that I still don't have the rehearsal schedule for. I'm in such a great state right now. BAAAGHSHDLRPOIUYFGH.

And thus ends the rambling blog post.

Friday, April 4, 2008

This is to see if I can remember this monologue

Launce from Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Nay, twill be this hour ere I've done weeping
All of the kind of hte launces have this very fault.
I hae received my proportion, like the prodigious son
And am going with Sir Proteus to the imperial court.
I think Crab, my dog, be the sourest natured dog
There is: my mother weeping, my father wailing
My sister crying, our maid howling, our cat
Ringing her hands, and did not this cruel hearted
Cur shed one tear. He is a stone, a very pebble stone.
And has no more pity in him than a dog! Why
My grandam, having no eyes, look you, wept herself
Blind at my parting. And all this while the dog sheds
Not a tear not speaks a word, but see how I lay the dust
With my tears.

I think the scancion's wrong, but I don't really care, since it's a comedic monologue, it is a little piecemeal from a longer bit.

Got in trouble yet again for taking late lunches. I'm not doing too well here.

Oh right.

I was wondering where Bonny left off to. Today's one of her class days. I totally forgot. I would have said, "Have a good weekend," yesterday. Oh well, I'm sure she will.

"Wow Ben, you sure are hidden behind that wall."


"Why don't you sit out here in the open more?"

"This is where they put me."

"But no one can see you."

"I know."

"Well, you should come out here."

These people really need to get a better hobby than "Talk To Ben In The Morning."

Oh! My UCSF check finally came in the mail two days ago. I'm going to rock that shit out with all sorts of delicious "putting in the bank" action! Yeah! Maybe I'll even put it in my saving's. WOO! HARDCORE SPRING BREAK!

I'm sort of scheduling my day today, and I may have to skip my walk to go to Grampa's house and check on the cat. That unfortunately also means I need to skip (again) looking at my lines at lunch. I'm not really weirded out that I haven't been looking at my lines, after all, I'm going on a trip that will probably have a LOT of boredom in it. And as we all know boredom = lines. It's just that I'm trying to be a better theatre professional, and I need to start taking this a little more seriously. After all, I'm even going to an audition tomorrow that I don't want to go to, simply because the director is someone I would like to work with. This is how it's done!

The main weirdness is that it's Midsummer. I am so tired of that show. I've seen it at least 10 times, all of them with varying degrees of success, but all pretty good. It's not a matter of not liking the show, it's more of it's done to motherfucking death. It's not the only good funny Shakespeare show out there guys! And also, oh wait, Shakespeare isn't the only public domain playwright that is awesome? What about Marlowe? Moliere? Aristophanes? Come on people, get with the program and rock out! And if you want to sing, try out Gilbert and Sullivan! Geez.

But the fact of the matter is... why not audition for everything I can, even if it's a show that's done to death. I would enjoy being in a show, and all the hoople heads that like Shakespeare will be like, "OH! He was in Midsummer! That's an amazing show!" And the murmurs of agreement and excitment will continue. Although, who knows, it might be a "new" production set on the moon or something.

Actually, I'd get behind that.


Megan brought her puppy in today! I always forget she brings them in on Fridays!

I also got repremanded this morning about a Visa application thing that I had nothing to do with yesterday!

Man, today looks great!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is a test

This is set to post when I am having a rockin' good time tonight with Monica at her "I'm getting the fuck out of this company" party at the Mayflower. Trivia night's tonight. I predict that I'm answering a question very wrong, and then getting one really right. For some reason, it'll be a sport's one. I have no idea why.

Sent off some correspondence to UHM and CSULA for some shit tonight. I also hope that Carmel or Santa Rosa gets back to me soon, I'm getting antsy.

And just cause I'm bored, I'll also say that I'm picking my mom up from the fairy and will be studying my lines there.

And now, a haiku:

Trying not to rage
He sits at his desk waiting
For 5... finally!


I like the new logo

For draft.blogger. It's a blueprint slightly tilted to the left. Pretty rockin, if you ask me. Also, the new features are enough to keep me entertained for a little while while I numb from the inside out and my brain boils from not enough creativity in my life.

Wow, funny, I forgot I was even typing here, I was just fucking around on the internet absentmindedly not working on this post. And now I'm calling posts "work." Now I really need to get out of the depths of despair and realize this is supposed to be fun. Or at least chronicling stuff for the future, keep me spry when it comes to writing.

I started this blog in order to get used to writing every day. So far it's worked pretty well, and I'm doing a lot more writing than I did before. This is not to say that I've completed anything yet, just minor tidbits here and there. And it's also not to say that I have actually started anything new; quite the contrary. It's just keeping me updated and letting me vent when I need to, but ultimately is a resource so that when I do start writing actual things again (scholarly or otherwise) I'll be used to it, and able to make something fun and coherent, even if not spelled correctly.

Sensitivity, Weddings, Grandpa, blah blah blah

Been talking with my mom a bit this morning about how I think I'm on the ropes here. I sent her an email that Leah sent to me, and she says I'm just being overly sensitive, "and that makes you cool." Yeah, my mom says I'm cool, but it makes a lot of sense, really. I mean, instead of being a petty fool and a stupid wage slave like everyone else in the office, I'm sensitive to more things in this world, and that makes me a little paranoid sometimes, when in reality people don't really pay attention to anything I'm doing. For example, I forgot to install a keyboard tray LAST WEEK, and just now was told that I needed to do it. I really did forget though, big time. I meant to do it so long ago; so that's totally my fault.

Monica and I had dinner with Grampa and Gramma (Chris and Erica) last night. I'm house sitting for them for a few days while they go to Japan (!) chaperoning students from Grampa's (so obviously privileged) school. We ordered Chinese and it was delicious and numerous! There's still over half the meal at their house - to be eaten by me later. It's going to be another fun visit, I think. I have to take care of their cat now too, and I think she will hide from me the entire time, the only evidence of her presence being the food missing and the lovely poo she leaves behind. Ah, to have a cat again.

Anywho. I'm only watching the place for a few days because on the 8th is my trip to St. Louis. I haven't been hearing ANY updates about anything from Nick; I assume he's busy with you know, getting married, but it would be nice to have some info about rehearsal dinner and where the actual ceremony's going to be. I mean, I still have my invitation, but am not very sure I know where everything is around there. It'll all work out, I'm confident that Nick actually wants me there at his wedding, since I am a groomsman and all. Ya know. That sorta thing. Woo.

The sort of bittersweet thing about the whole trip is that my dad and Laurie have a trip to another wedding; one that I would be going to if Nick's wasn't at the same time. (Man, this is the time for weddings, isn't it? Weird. Like many things, it's doing the exact opposite for me, I'm even more not interested in getting married. It just doesn't really seem fair that some people who love each other get married and I can get married to whoever I want, even if I don't love them, as long as it's female. I think it's time to move to France.) Anyway, I'll miss them almost the entire trip, and we won't get to hang out with my family, something I'd like to do. However - the SWEET - is that we get the house and the car the entire time all to ourselves. Wicked awesome. St. Louis has some cool shit, and I'm happy we get to explore it a bit. And we get to take care of my puppies! My hometown does have some charm. The only weird thing about it is I've never really done tourist stuff there, and now I'll feel obliged to. Or not. I might be too busy with wedding shit.

It always amazes me when I look at the clock around this time. I cannot fathom how I've only been here for 2 hours. Stemming from that is the amount I've work I actually have had to do. Lets see, answering phones aside, which is a little bit stressful at times, I organized the coffee and tea, ordered some more, and checked on the snack supply. We're already almost out of milk because people use it on their cereals. Now, I didn't mind this when we had milk deliveries from Safeway, but now that the front office has to go and buy milk 2 times a week. That's a fucking lot of milk. Yes, we have lots of people here, and yes, we have needy folks, but goddamn people. Everyone needs to use it. If you want milk for your cereal or for a glass or two, bring your own! We need to make this stuff last a week. Whatever. At least it gets me out of the office.

So much for staying positive. Haha.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Afternoon Headache

I used to get headaches in the afternoon almost every day. The workaday world was just fucking stressing me out and giving me bad vibes. I think lately it's mostly just been me being an asshole to everyone in my personal life that has been the outlet for all this weird pent up stuff in my head, but since I've been on my positive outlook kick, my afternoon headache might be back for now.

Cool though is I just got the dates for the SM gig for Shotgun. Might not be able to do it; it's right after we get back from The Lou, and Sunrise at Blah blah starts up shortly therafter. (I counted my lines, I have 5. Easiest equity points ever.) We'll see if I can schedule both, I probably can since it's only 2 days, and it would be building up some contacts, but if not... what the fuck it's only contacts in an area I'm leaving.

I've been playing Ikariam today. It's like Civ, but web based. (found it through Kotaku.) I've always liked the civ games, but stopped playing sometime in my junior year of high school and never really went back. It's not that I didn't like them, I just didn't have the time, I guess. Or maybe the energy. After all, I was pretty hardcore into roleplaying games at that point. The cool thing is, is that there are some pretty cool Civ inspired games coming out soon, or have been out, and I just haven't fucked around with them. Simcity Societies, for one, looks amazing! And Spore, when it gets out (the end of linear time, last I checked) is going to be probably the best game ever. It looks like it's a good time to be a gamer - oh right I can't afford any of them. Oops.

Officially got my taxes done. Found an email in my box from TurboTax saying "your taxes have been accepted! Now mail this off!" So I did, it's in the mailbox now. I dont' like doing taxes, and I have a feeling that once I book more gigs and get paid more frequently with theatres, I'm going to need to do something different. For example, Willows probably doesn't do no funny bizness. Oh well, next year I'll get a tax preparer and have piece of mind, I guess. Or not. I'll figure something out; it all depends on where I'll be. I hope I'll be somewhere that makes me flourish.

8 minutes to go.

So Tim's eyes have become infected because of his old contacts he has been using. He's really strapped for cash, so he hasn't bought any new contacts OR new glasses. So now he's practically blind, and is on antibiotics (which probably cost more than contacts would) and still needs glasses/contacts. Too bad he doesn't have a vision plan with his job. Isn't that wonderful? I love it how if someone needs to see they will have to pay out the ass for it. Wonderful. Great world we live in.

Anyway, his eyes are al puffy and gross and stuff, so if I get home before he leaves for my mom's ferry pickup, I'm going to offer to pick mom up from the ferry. He just needs to rest, poor dude. At least he didn't go to work for the past 2 days. That's more of a shitty thing though; I hate staying home when I'm actually sick.

Freddy is here trying to mail stuff with the mail machine. Freddy's a really cool dude; he works for Snaps, the repro company that shares our building, and he's our janitor. He's awesome. Unfortunately, he's not very tech savvy, so it always comes down to him trying really hard to get the machine to work, and then asking reluctantly for our help. I know he wants to know how to do it by himself; after all, he's been using it longer than I have, but I just think there's a mental block. I kinda feel sorry for him.

And it's all figured out. What a nice guy.

Alright, time to close up shop. Time to go home and take care of this headache with a good old fashioned round of "Trying To Beat Portal."

Behind on my reading

I came to work today, and as usual popped open google reader to see all the blogs and shit I poke around in every day. Frustration set in when I saw I had over 400 unread articles, I thought, This is because I missed work yesterday! It was pretty funny, considering that's what I was upset about missing work. Not missing pay or helping around the office, but not being able to catch up on my blogs. (Kotaku is at 207 right now, gotta catch up on that.) I've learned a lot of stuff from those blogs, especially Lifehacker. That's where I found out about ZiPhone, the iPhone jailbreaker that apparently only takes 45 seconds to glorious 1.14 jailbroken glory.

Just another kinda funny comment though, last night, around 4:55, Bonny and I received an email from one of the architects here: "out of milk. thanks." was the subject and there was a blank main field. I love it how these people treat us here. At least they said thanks. Of course, I didn't see this email until this morning, so milk was obtained. Huzzah for those milk drinkers. That sounds really nasty after having to go away from the computer and coming back... reading that last sentence. Anyway.

I do want to say, though, that when it rains shit, it pours, and when it rains gossimer wonders, it pours. I'm now doing a LOT of theatre work, and now I have so many lines to learn. It's really stupid how much I should stop fucking around on the internet at night and just work on those goddamn lines. I should really even do some at lunch, meaning I need to cut my walks a little short. Give up exercise for homework? Not the first time. Just wish I had an exercise bike or elliptical machine so I can study like I did in college. By rocking out. Hardcore. Or taking a shorter walk and working on my lines in the car. I should work on them an hour a day or more. I think an hour is where I start to get frustrated though... so maybe an hour of lines and an hour of Portal.

Oh right, I have lunch with gramps today. Balls. No walk OR lines. Guess I'll do some tonight. I better do some tonight. That means portal too maybe... although that fucking last boss keeps killing me. That's what unlimited lives are for! Yay!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


After me feeling terrific about myself going and doing my taxes
practically on my own, I was rejected. I must have done something
super wrong. Or not. Who knows how nitpicky they are.

On the boat to Art. I have 2 scenes today; makes me feel like it's
college again.