Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We'll Be Right Back

Heigh ho, and we are back. Yesterday for some odd reason felt like a weekend. The weekends that I've been experiencing recently have been very much like that, sweet, but brief, so yesterday seemed very much like one, even though I was pretty much busy all day.

The morning I had candy pancakes, which were delicious, and various other breakfasty goodness like bacon and fake eggs. It was delicious. Monica is obviously fattening me up to eat me, but until then, I'm okay with the eating of the stuff. It gave me energy for my Kaiser audition (you know, the one I scheduled in FEBRUARY), and I had to leave for that around noon, getting ready at 11; I hadn't taken a shower or shaved yet, so that was a priority. In the shower and the car, running my monologue, I felt more confidence flowing through my veins. Maybe it was the butterscotch and chocolate chips, but I knew I was going to do well today.

Skipping the boring drive and the searching for parking, the theatre beaconed to me, and I went through the doors about 30 minutes early from my scheduled audition time. Friendly atmosphere... too friendly, I thought. The assistants (I counted 10 different people) all wore larger-than-need-to-be headsets, communicating with each other frendily, but very It was a strange experience, to say the least; sure they were efficent, but they seemed like they had no idea how theatre was actually run - with reckless abandon and haphazard scheduled times. Duh.

When it came time for my monologue, they walked me into a room so I could prepare. I prepared, running my monologue a few times, making it a little more dynamic, and then saw a sign above my head. "They will cut you off at 1 minute." "The Little Green Pig" was about 1 and 1/2 minutes long. 'S okay, I thought, they're gonna want to know what happens to The Little Green Pig. Nope. Cut off at not even a minute. My theory, they really didn't want me from the beginning, and they slipped a note to the timer saying "Time." with not quite an exclamation point, but not quite a period either. It was firm, decisive, they were ready for me to leave.

Now, I'm not reading into this really. I thought I did a good read, and had a pretty odd (but not unpleasant) experience at this place. It was a chance to work on my monologue, actually run it, and also to get a day off of work. Bonuses all around. What I think, however, is that they, like most grad programs, are not looking for talent, but types. Now now, I know. All theatre is looking for types. But even then, sometimes theatre makes an exception to the "rule" of types and casts someone that might be a little off type, if they are a good actor. I believe in that role. I believe, truly I do, that any person can play any role. With a little practice, they could play it well. It's a matter of honesty and believability. And when people (read: casting directors, directors, little stupid interns that don't know what they're doing) don't believe someone would do well in a part... well then in their eyes they never will.

In the other (better) news department, Telltale Games responded to my resume with a email saying that they'd like to talk to me about a GAME TESTER POSITION (!!!). That would be super spiffy, and of course would conflict with grad school. It's something to think about; I'm keeping mulitple options open. And it would be my other dream: Living fully through my LOVE OF VIDEO GAMES.

You know what I'm craving? A grapefruit.

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