Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Winding Down?

Quite possibly, the day is actually winding down well. I've had an actual good day at work. It's been full of stuff that I didn't hate, and full of people that I only semi-loathe. I think it hasn't been a good day for everyone, but since I'm not IT, it doesn't really matter to me. Only in the fact that people call saying their email is down; I have no idea how to deal with something like that. And even if I did, they don't pay me enough.

So, with an hour and 10 minutes left in my day, I have looked back at what I've done today, and how surprised I was to realize that I didn't really hate today like I thought I would. I think I have to chalk it up to my trip to St. Louis. It was such a fun amazing trip that the proverbial high that kept me soarin' during the trip has kept me soarin' through this what might have been a shithole of a workaday. Another thank you to St. Louis. I think I was a lot more homesick than I admitted to myself.

My only bummer of today was not getting my walk in for lunch; I instead ate lunch on my lunch and studied lines. Productive, yes, but I really need to get back into that routine before I find a new, less healthy routine during my lunch breaks. (Plus side though, my lines are pretty fucking solid at this point. The only wobbly ones are for Sunrise, and I think I'm going to con my mom into helping me tonight.) When it rains it pours.

Talked to Shaun for a bit today. He asked me about the Star Wars game that he was unable to attend (it was the day after the wedding). Wasn't able to go either, so we mutually were a little *sigh* about that. We're both INCREDIBLY into gaming, but he is a far better DM than I am. I think it's mostly practice; he's been doing it for much much longer than anyone I've known, and the number of times I've DMmed a game I can (ashamedly) count on one hand. He's a good guy, I wish I could have gamed with him when I was there. Gosh, that sounds bad. Anyway, there's a pic of him on Nick's facebook page that's really funny. That wedding was awesome.

One little anecdote that I must write down so I don't forget: after the wedding when the wedding party was getting their pictures taken all around the area, we had some Lightsaber shots, and we had a fun time recreating some really weird poses - like Nick destroying us with one mighty Lightsaber blow, and the girls striking some sort of hybrid Long Time Ago/Galaxy Far Far away Charlie's Angels pose. It was awesome. At the end of the session though, we had turned off our sabers, Brian and I looked at each other past the rest of the group. He had that wild look in his eyes, no doubt I the same. Our blades flicked on at the same time, and we had the most bitchin' mock battle ever. I gotta get out there more often.

I think it just shows how gaming deprived I am out here. I've been focusing so much on theatre in my life, that I've really put my other passions by the wayside. It's what happens though, that takes over your life big time. Maybe I can find a good Sunday night group somewhere through Gamescape. I hope so anyway, I would love to get in a Star Wars d20 game again; man that shit is amazing.

Also, just found out that Pirates of the Burning Sea is closing down some of its servers. Shit. That seemed so cool, but I am partly to blame. I was really excited about the thing, but have no fucking time to ever play video games anymore. Ever. Seriously. I don't. I'm struggling with the ones I do have. How did I used to do it in college? I remember those nights playing WoW for hours upon hours. Oh well. Maybe soon when I'm independently wealthy, I can play BotBS for a bajillion hours.

50 more minutes!

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