Thursday, April 3, 2008

This is a test

This is set to post when I am having a rockin' good time tonight with Monica at her "I'm getting the fuck out of this company" party at the Mayflower. Trivia night's tonight. I predict that I'm answering a question very wrong, and then getting one really right. For some reason, it'll be a sport's one. I have no idea why.

Sent off some correspondence to UHM and CSULA for some shit tonight. I also hope that Carmel or Santa Rosa gets back to me soon, I'm getting antsy.

And just cause I'm bored, I'll also say that I'm picking my mom up from the fairy and will be studying my lines there.

And now, a haiku:

Trying not to rage
He sits at his desk waiting
For 5... finally!


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