Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Behind on my reading

I came to work today, and as usual popped open google reader to see all the blogs and shit I poke around in every day. Frustration set in when I saw I had over 400 unread articles, I thought, This is because I missed work yesterday! It was pretty funny, considering that's what I was upset about missing work. Not missing pay or helping around the office, but not being able to catch up on my blogs. (Kotaku is at 207 right now, gotta catch up on that.) I've learned a lot of stuff from those blogs, especially Lifehacker. That's where I found out about ZiPhone, the iPhone jailbreaker that apparently only takes 45 seconds to glorious 1.14 jailbroken glory.

Just another kinda funny comment though, last night, around 4:55, Bonny and I received an email from one of the architects here: "out of milk. thanks." was the subject and there was a blank main field. I love it how these people treat us here. At least they said thanks. Of course, I didn't see this email until this morning, so milk was obtained. Huzzah for those milk drinkers. That sounds really nasty after having to go away from the computer and coming back... reading that last sentence. Anyway.

I do want to say, though, that when it rains shit, it pours, and when it rains gossimer wonders, it pours. I'm now doing a LOT of theatre work, and now I have so many lines to learn. It's really stupid how much I should stop fucking around on the internet at night and just work on those goddamn lines. I should really even do some at lunch, meaning I need to cut my walks a little short. Give up exercise for homework? Not the first time. Just wish I had an exercise bike or elliptical machine so I can study like I did in college. By rocking out. Hardcore. Or taking a shorter walk and working on my lines in the car. I should work on them an hour a day or more. I think an hour is where I start to get frustrated though... so maybe an hour of lines and an hour of Portal.

Oh right, I have lunch with gramps today. Balls. No walk OR lines. Guess I'll do some tonight. I better do some tonight. That means portal too maybe... although that fucking last boss keeps killing me. That's what unlimited lives are for! Yay!

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