Monday, April 7, 2008

This went a lot of directions.

Did I mention I had an audition on Saturday? Did I also mention how well it went? Did I also mention that they called me the very same day to come in today and read for Bottom? Didn't I mention that? Oh, it's a pity, because it's true. The callbacks are tonight from 4-8, so I'm going to get there at a fashionable-yet-just-got-out-of-work style of 6, with slightly rumpled clothes and haggard features. It's all the rage with most of young adults age 22-28. And up!

There's me getting distracted again and not finishing a blog post. You know, I should really just stick with microblogging, and when I go away from a page, I'll post it to show you all how short my attention span is. All 1 of my readers. Today's distraction: lolcats.

As per usual, I'm a little worried that I haven't been vocal enough about when I'm going to leave. I think, long ago, I said I was going to take a half a day on tuesday (tomorrow) and I'm pretty sure that I said that. I'm almost super positive that I said that. Almost... whatever. I think, as always, I am making a mountain out of a molehill, and in the long run, they do want to keep me because they don't want to train anyone new. Oh, and I'm a pretty good employee I guess.

Okay, THAT 40 minute non blogging break wasn't my fault; I needed to install a keyboard tray. However, the last 10 minutes have really been my fault; I was sipping tea in the kitchen. I made it too strong, but that's okay, it'll give me the boost I need until I feel horrible crippling boredom again. And then I'll do another blog entry! Wow! Fun!

Woo. I can tell it's going to be a weird day today. Tons of people meandering around my desk and behind to go to the supply room. Makes me want a different position of a desk so no one can see what I'm doing. Not that what I'm doing is BAD. I mean, come on! It's just... I'm looking up information to better the company... yeah. And the more I write, that means the faster I get for when I need to actually write the really important boring shit that they make me do here every single day. That, and I've still been messing around with Ikariam. Although, that game's been a little boring lately, I'd rather just bite the bullet and go out and play civ.

I think my next step in being bored at the office, however, is getting a portable 1gig drive and put some emulators and roms on it, so I can run it directly from the flash drive. And then when people aren't looking/are at lunch, I can totally play video games all day. The problem, however, is saving my progress; if I want to play later in the day at home, I'd have to reload it. Hm. It's something to think about, for sure.

CSULA still hasn't been back to me about the MFA program. It may be because my transcript got lost somewhere in the US postal system (thanks guys!) or maybe they're just taking a long time to decide. I know I had a fighting chance; I really hope I get it. I'd much rather go to a state school than UHM, even though I'd LOVE the place, I really wouldn't like the expense and being so far away from my friends. It's definetly something to mull over. Lets just hope they get back to me! Oh please oh please oh please. I think about it almost every day. I really want to get in there, especially after what Monica told me about the differences between universities and state schools - state's just nicer! And I believe it. I think that's probably very similar when it comes to state and university across the country.

And another break. I was hoping if I took a short break I'd get a call or something from LA saying I got in. I guess this trip coming up is going to be a good one - get my mind off all this shit, just go, and have fun! And maybe work on some lines too. That's pretty important for me to have those done by the time I get back - hit the ground running with these scenes and, oh right, the show that I still don't have the rehearsal schedule for. I'm in such a great state right now. BAAAGHSHDLRPOIUYFGH.

And thus ends the rambling blog post.

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