Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eating Pizza and The Money Shot

Last night Monica, Bruce, and I went to California Pizza Kitchen! We were hungry, and it was Bruce's last day ever before Mountain Play (tm) starts and he will be indisposable for months on end. I almost wrote moths on end. It was REALLY fun. We have a fun chemistry, the three of us, and we almost always have a terrific time on our evenings out. And now that I think of it, we go out on our little triplet dates a LOT. Mostly to Aroma, but other places too. It's really fun, this life we lead.

Anyway, that being said, I have leftover pizza this morning that I'm eating for breakfast/lunch. I'm leaving today for the Lou at 1, so I've been grazing all morning on this delicious tostada pizza. I'm trying to make myself pleasantly full all morning so I will have a mild food coma on the plane, and therefore be able to sleep. I think my plan will backfire, however; the flight doesn't leave until 4:10, and in the fashion of people who dont' really fly often, my ride is giving WAY too much time to check in. That's all good, really - better to hurry up and wait than be stuck in an airport. Have I ever said how much I love flying? I really do.

That was sarcasm right there.

It's going to be cool to see the old stomping grounds! I'm excited about bringing Monica to St. Louis, and excited that one of my best friends is getting married. And that the bachelor/ette party is going to be at Dave and Busters! Yay playgrounds for adults! (read: alcohol)

In other news, I'm reading some stupidly awesome simple tutorials about Apple Script, the functions program inside my computer that I have no idea how to use. I have a feeling that if I master this, other computer stuff will open up before me, and who knows, it might get me interested enough to actually look into more computer things and maybe start my other dream of web design/general computer awesomeness. It would be so neat to work on people's websites. I have a feeling my own personal website would be something simplistic on the surface, but the more you click, the more you find hidden underneath. I love those kinds. Yes, I'm a dork. My ideal thing is to bring more theatre online, have videos of performances, super detailed blogging, and awesome websites that people would actually WANT to come and visit, and then (hopefully) visit the shows. Maybe someday I can pull that all together.

So, the Money Shot. Today, I went to use some hand sanitizer. This type is Purell, so it's very chemical-y, and if left around, or in an enclosed space, it solidifies in this space. Anyway, I use this stuff a lot, especially when working on the mail, or packages, or installing shit. Basically any time I have to do ANYTHING; I'm kind of a germophobe. So apparently some residue built up on the "nozzle" section, and when I went to pump a delicious calming Purell into my beckoning hands, it shot up into my face. And that, my friends, is my Money Shot Of The Day.

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