Thursday, April 3, 2008

I like the new logo

For draft.blogger. It's a blueprint slightly tilted to the left. Pretty rockin, if you ask me. Also, the new features are enough to keep me entertained for a little while while I numb from the inside out and my brain boils from not enough creativity in my life.

Wow, funny, I forgot I was even typing here, I was just fucking around on the internet absentmindedly not working on this post. And now I'm calling posts "work." Now I really need to get out of the depths of despair and realize this is supposed to be fun. Or at least chronicling stuff for the future, keep me spry when it comes to writing.

I started this blog in order to get used to writing every day. So far it's worked pretty well, and I'm doing a lot more writing than I did before. This is not to say that I've completed anything yet, just minor tidbits here and there. And it's also not to say that I have actually started anything new; quite the contrary. It's just keeping me updated and letting me vent when I need to, but ultimately is a resource so that when I do start writing actual things again (scholarly or otherwise) I'll be used to it, and able to make something fun and coherent, even if not spelled correctly.

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