Monday, April 21, 2008

Just a normal entry.

It's the super little annoyances that have been getting to me lately, the most recent example being the cell phone charger (also ipod charger) fell out of the socket last night, so I have no batteries on my phone. Not to worry really, I can just plug it in here, but still, it just seemed to annoy the shit out of me for some unknown reason. It's mostly the strange rehearsal schedule that is given to me every day; you never know when you're going to be called, and then when you are called, you don't rehearse for like at least an hour, and after that it's a really dumb rehearsal process. No wonder I've never worked for these people before; they're so unprofessional - I think the universe was trying to protect me from what I was doing, but maybe the universe was taking a day off when they called me back.

THAT'S IT! They called me in, I didn't go to a general! That's how it worked, that's the difference. The universe was protecting me from the horror that was the place by making them not see beyond my audition, but when they called me in out of the blue... well, that's the loophole that the universe needs to help me with in the future. I mean, come on! You've kept me from a lot of plays before, why stop now?

Anyway. Tomorrow's filming. Next week is audition for Kaiser. All throughout that, and working, I have rehearsal for Sunrise. Reminds me, I should check the schedule. Yep, called tonight until 10:30. Why do I do theatre again? Passion, career, right right... gotta get out of the Bay Area. Geez.

Just told Leah my schedule. Cool. Getting better about this. I just had a weird fantasy just now. I was living in the same world, just in LA, when saying " I just got cast in a movie" wouldn't seem all that foreign. I wish I just went down there. Also wish that csula didn't cut the program for lack of interest. Sigh. I should email them back, saying how sorry I am. Part of me thinks it's just a big conspiracy, and that they're just being nice to me about rejection; then I think... wait, none of the other schools thought that, they just flat out rejected me. So there.

Just emailed them, "would I be considered for next years program" is among my short, thoughtful email. If they write back with something exciting like, "You're in! Just give it time!" It might give me pause about UHM. Then again, UHM... is... there... And it would be an adventure. Then again. Part of me really wants to just take off and start working. Just go to a better city for theatre and do it, goddamn it. Why do I need to put this off any longer? Well, it's a degree, that's why. GAH!

Oh so yesterday was Drew's birthday bash. Among other things (2 rehearsals, for one), so I had a really busy, tiring day. The main epic thing though was that I got wunged in the head pretty bad by Keith's shoulder, and now am still feeling a little woozy. I didn't think it was that bad at the time, but wooboy. Maybe I'm just tired. I'm hoping that I'm just tired.

Oh balls! Stream of consciousness: I'm taking a walk to Best Buy today to get a wireless router, and I totally forgot to upload music on my iPhone! Nothing wrong with that, just means I'll acutally have to pay attention to what's going on around me. SIGH.

Alright, I'm off to look over this monologue for Kaiser.

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