Friday, April 25, 2008


I just put a submission for that ad on Craigslist. Full article here. Although I don't know how long that will stay up. Man, it would be neat to be on the History Channel. SO COOL! I conned monica into applying for it as well; one of the characters describes her to a t, to put it in her words. It would be neat, and probably well paying, as well as a nice little honest to goodness film credit. Booya.

It's always the best when it gets into the last hour here at SWA. Just looking down at the clock in the lower right hand corner just makes everything tingle, and seeing the numbers click over.. then realizing, Hey! Only 54 minutes left.. now 53! for some reason brings such delight. Honestly, it's the soul suckage that's going on; my being is now being absorbed into Corporation. My entity is no longer an individual, just a cog. Sounds kinda like the borg, except not as cool, and no super strength. Although, honestly, I think the borg would kick someone like me out; when you add someone who loves playing video games, drinking, watching movies, and having sex to the borg, it sort of lowers productivity, especially if it wasn't voluntary.

Although, knowing my personality, I probably would go into it voluntarily, if just to get the super strength, hive mind, and really hot borg queen.

And of course, once my mind goes down that wonderful path, I get a huge assignment. Way to go Friday afternoons at a place where people can't manage their time. Nice.

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