Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sensitivity, Weddings, Grandpa, blah blah blah

Been talking with my mom a bit this morning about how I think I'm on the ropes here. I sent her an email that Leah sent to me, and she says I'm just being overly sensitive, "and that makes you cool." Yeah, my mom says I'm cool, but it makes a lot of sense, really. I mean, instead of being a petty fool and a stupid wage slave like everyone else in the office, I'm sensitive to more things in this world, and that makes me a little paranoid sometimes, when in reality people don't really pay attention to anything I'm doing. For example, I forgot to install a keyboard tray LAST WEEK, and just now was told that I needed to do it. I really did forget though, big time. I meant to do it so long ago; so that's totally my fault.

Monica and I had dinner with Grampa and Gramma (Chris and Erica) last night. I'm house sitting for them for a few days while they go to Japan (!) chaperoning students from Grampa's (so obviously privileged) school. We ordered Chinese and it was delicious and numerous! There's still over half the meal at their house - to be eaten by me later. It's going to be another fun visit, I think. I have to take care of their cat now too, and I think she will hide from me the entire time, the only evidence of her presence being the food missing and the lovely poo she leaves behind. Ah, to have a cat again.

Anywho. I'm only watching the place for a few days because on the 8th is my trip to St. Louis. I haven't been hearing ANY updates about anything from Nick; I assume he's busy with you know, getting married, but it would be nice to have some info about rehearsal dinner and where the actual ceremony's going to be. I mean, I still have my invitation, but am not very sure I know where everything is around there. It'll all work out, I'm confident that Nick actually wants me there at his wedding, since I am a groomsman and all. Ya know. That sorta thing. Woo.

The sort of bittersweet thing about the whole trip is that my dad and Laurie have a trip to another wedding; one that I would be going to if Nick's wasn't at the same time. (Man, this is the time for weddings, isn't it? Weird. Like many things, it's doing the exact opposite for me, I'm even more not interested in getting married. It just doesn't really seem fair that some people who love each other get married and I can get married to whoever I want, even if I don't love them, as long as it's female. I think it's time to move to France.) Anyway, I'll miss them almost the entire trip, and we won't get to hang out with my family, something I'd like to do. However - the SWEET - is that we get the house and the car the entire time all to ourselves. Wicked awesome. St. Louis has some cool shit, and I'm happy we get to explore it a bit. And we get to take care of my puppies! My hometown does have some charm. The only weird thing about it is I've never really done tourist stuff there, and now I'll feel obliged to. Or not. I might be too busy with wedding shit.

It always amazes me when I look at the clock around this time. I cannot fathom how I've only been here for 2 hours. Stemming from that is the amount I've work I actually have had to do. Lets see, answering phones aside, which is a little bit stressful at times, I organized the coffee and tea, ordered some more, and checked on the snack supply. We're already almost out of milk because people use it on their cereals. Now, I didn't mind this when we had milk deliveries from Safeway, but now that the front office has to go and buy milk 2 times a week. That's a fucking lot of milk. Yes, we have lots of people here, and yes, we have needy folks, but goddamn people. Everyone needs to use it. If you want milk for your cereal or for a glass or two, bring your own! We need to make this stuff last a week. Whatever. At least it gets me out of the office.

So much for staying positive. Haha.

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