Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last night was bearable, mostly to the fact that I was able to play Chrono Trigger 90% of the time there on my emulator on the iPhone. I wan't able to get the cat food at the fair, but surprisingly enough, I was able to get the Crono Doll! And I haven't even been to the past yet. AND the controls are hard; they're not tactile like a normal controller, it's just on the screen. So all of that is pretty good. I don't think I'm going to be able to get the cat food though, so my cat will (unfortunately and probably) die later on.

My mom should have fed him anyway. Fuck that. I'll just go get Magus' purple cat later on when I get Magus in my party. Purple's a better color anyway, than stupid old brown. Brown the color of his soft fur, and his deep eyes... OH KITTY! I'M SORRY I DIDN'T GET YOU CAT FOOD, I HAD TO GO TO THE PAST TO RESCUE THIS GIRL I JUST MET BECAUSE SHE HAS SOME PENDANT THINGIE.

*sniff sniff* Okay, I'm better now.

Stuff to do on my Night Off:

Take a shower (necessary)
Do laundry (could be delayed)
Work on my Wireless problem (could be delayed)
Watch a movie (necessary)
Work on lines (necessary)
Run Monologue for Kaiser (necessary)

Rehearsal last night, however, DID waste my time. Oh well.

Been having troubles with Transmission ever since my Airport was installed. It seems to not affect anything else, just the download speeds. I've found a few troubleshooting pages and uploaded them to, which is a really cool catch all of neat shit I've found online. I really am getting into the groove of tumblr, it's a neato scrap book. This is for my normal writing, and that's for all the other shit I want to check out and helping stuff. Pretty cool.

I've been asked to review theatre for Edge San Francisco, a web magazine. It's cool, but they've been very standoffish about getting information about what I need to do, except for the dates that are involved. I've told them - many times - that I'm in a show, so this is hard for me, and emphasized the fact that I applied for the job back in JANUARY and times change. They don't seem to know that and are a little weird about it. Not really what I want from a potential employer, even if it's in a field that I love. Of course, they are trying me out, just like I'm trying them out; if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

If it falls through, it falls through, and as of right now my first review is this sunday... right when I'm scheduled for a rehearsal. I might be able to get out of it, after all, I don't really need to be there; my scenes are fine. Whatever! After all, I've been there every single night, even nights I wasn't called, and they've just wasted my time. It's not so hard to ask for a little time of my own. It's really just weird experiences, you know? Seems surreal to me.

Okay, just got done with an all encompassing message. Groovy. Everything's settled. Now I just need to DO IT! Which means a lot more writing - good stuff. Back to the day...

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