Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gets way too rambly

The Miser is going well! We had a very awkward audience tonight, which fucked everyone up, even the old pros like me. Since we only had one preview, we still don't know when people will laugh, and therefore when people do, it'll drown out the next lines. Acting 101, but everyone forgets it every now and then.

So yes, the show's going well. And since I'm less stressed, I think I have less inclination to sleep, and therefore my insomnia is coming back in full force! Sitting here, typing this, after trying to sleep for 3 hours. How fun is that? Tea? Doesn't work. Pills? Don't work. So far, the only thing that's worked is NyQuil, but damn if I'm not going to use a medicine that also fights pain that I don't have.

At least I get to catch up on Legend of the Seeker. Good show, even though I think those fighters should tie up their hair. Too easy to pull on. Still, I'd much rather be a wizard than a fighter. Zedd rocks. I guess I am kind of tired; this writing is making less and less sense to me.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Eating pizza, thinking about The Miser. Gonna be a great show! Ross Valley Players. Don't miss it.

The run through last night was a little awkward for me, mostly because I did some exploring with my character. And in this late in the game, that's awkward rather than exploratory. But at least I know what not to do, hm?

It's going to be great though. And going out last night with the cast was fun! I ate my WHOLE BURGER. That's what tech will do to you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010


After a bazillion years of rehearsal, The Miser is going to open next week! Which is amazing, because we need a fucking audience. It's at the point where the production team isn't laughing anymore, so us as actors think we're doing terrible things, tempting us to change everything that's been working for weeks... lately it takes my concentration not to change what's been working. I know that what I've been doing is good, it's just disconcerting sometimes.

So in the meantime, I've been playing with my new PS3 and loving it! Yes yeah yeeeesshhshhh! I could go into a debate as to whether or not the 360 is better or worse than the PS3, but let's just say that I'm happy with the selection that my loved ones gave me this holiday season. There's some great things that come from Christmas. Yay consumerism!