Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monica's a sicky poo tonight, so I'm spending some time with her to make things better in the sicky poo realm.

Also, I beat A Vampyre Story, and it was buggy yet entertaining. We'll see if chapter 2 has SecureROM.

Not Even In School and I Procrastinate

Instead of exercising, I'm now writing here online with nothing to say.

Oh wait!

Nope, nothing to say. So more procrastination. Um. It's hot here, and I'm breaking out my pants that look kinda like pajama pants but aren't really and they're simply pants that are on the thinner side, which also breathe well.

Also, crocs will probably be worn today.

So. There you go. Exciting life!

OH! We're going to Tuttimelon tonight, and I will be a happy camper when it comes to our nightly something that's become a habit apparently because we go to Tuttimelon all the time. A tremendously wonderful thing, and a thing that really isn't exciting.

I wish I wanted to exercise when I was bored rather than writing meaningless thing online.

Now, to download the new Decemberists album.

Monday, March 30, 2009


My TARDIS fell apart this morning. It's a tragedy really, but it's probably time for me to start growing a new one. Another 900 years I'd be ready to carve the interior. I'm thinking this should have been a tweet; there's nothing else I have to say.

It's been pretty hot here in norcal. Box fan = awesome, yet air conditioners are nonexistent in this world oddly enough. There's something good about the Midwest right there... but there's something to think about when it comes to the fact that if AC hadn't been invented, the south would never have risen in power. So, in a way, AC needs to be taken away. Then people will be too warm to do anything. Like me, just sitting here, in the heat.

Thank the sweet holy hotness though, because I actually got some real meaty work done today. Plenty of stuff done working with getting a boring old person Roth IRA online. Made me bored doing it, typing it, thinking about what I should do, and eating my plaintain burrito after I was done transfering it.

End boring post.

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Just Me

Had an amazing audition today. Didn't get it. At least they were quick about it. It was a positive rejection though; they said they may use me for future episodes... it's just that I don't LOOK like the guy I'd be portraying. Hell, it's their money, they can do whatever they want, but if I were doing something like this, I figure that they'd want someone who was a good actor, and who could pull off a look and mannerism of the guy; that's really what makes a person similar to another one, not how they look (although that certainly helps), but how they act. But, as I said, it's their money.

Only one more show of LEAD. This is not an advertisement. I'm done with the show; can't wait for it to be over. Aaaand cast party tomorrow! Yipee! Also zoo tomorrow maybe! Yay!

Time for bed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still Awake

Lately, I haven't been able to sleep. There was a period where I was doing pretty well, being active during the day, and fucking around in the evening, making me tired enough to sleep. Following this pattern, today to the letter, and I'm still wide awake, just my body is exhausted.

So that means I'm stuck with Dimitri Martin. Now, anyone who's accomplished like that deserves some credit, but he just isn't that funny. There is a certain way to how he delivers his lines that hints at a joke, as if he's telling the audience to laugh, not that his joke or observation is actually funny. OH MAN BUT HE CAN DRAW WITH TWO HANDS THAT'S AMAZING.

Oooh, South Park's on.

Luckily, it keeps me from watching, and I get to write instead. Fun. Except in my tiredness, there's nothing coming from my brain that seems interesting, and instead I blog here, about random things going on in my brain right now. Not productive, just a journal of things. Which is a good thing in itself, but I've been trying to write 5 pages a day of something. It's been going well, until today, and my brain seems to be traveling through a fog. Hence the extra commas in my writing, I suppose.

Been trying to get A Vampyre Story loaded on my laptop, and the... copy that fell off a truck hasn't been working, some securom issue, and the online help hasn't been any help. Looks like it's down to my own troubleshooting for now, and if that doesn't work, then there's always getting a copy that's actually on a DVD. BORING writing.

Lied down for 15 minutes there, closed my eyes, meditated, done all the hippie shit you're supposed to do when relaxing your body to go to sleep; nothing. What do I need to do to sleep? I sure as fuck don't want to get dependent on pills to fall asleep - don't get me wrong, I'm a full supporter of medication, but I don't want to have to take medication to fall asleep; one of the innate things we as humans are supposed to be able to do well (along with shitting).

Monday, March 23, 2009


Really getting into the swing of things in my D&D game. More roleplaying = more fun. Roleplaying is my favorite thing in these games. My gnome is plucky, yet with a little dark side when it comes to his Warlock nature, as all Warlocks do. And the whole time, it's on his mind, the whole time with his powers, he never knows when the stars will take them away, and he'll be left with nothing. It's pretty neat.

Plus, the action in 4e is fun and interesting, and the skill challenges really make the game shine. Good work, wizards.

Why Would People Want to Read My Ramblings, Anyway?

Been watching the Office. And I'm happy that I made the leap to see the show. Much like the majority of people who watch the Office, I find the unfathomable uncomfortableness hilarious and wonderful. Of course, it makes me almost as uncomfortable, since I'm not an idiot like the majority of main characters in this cast.

It's amazing. And it really is, when people say "this is JUST like real offices! OH MAN!" Usually, snide comments are my response to that statement, but goddamn, it really is. I miss those days of not having to do anything for money. I mean, I worked my ass off, didn't I?! YES. There's been a lack of ass working in my life lately. Woah, I mean. Uh.

It also is a little awkward to watch this unimportance after seeing something like the end of BSG. Makes me want to go on an epic adventure and command a Battlestar. And then retire for a cushy civilian job.

Friday, March 20, 2009

And this one I just wrote! Yay laptop!

Woo hoo to actually writing something.

My battery problem was just that. Luckily, my 9 cell works fine, and has a huge charge... so benefits for all. It's huge though, but that's okay with me, I'll survive somehow. I just was planning on using the 3 cell on normal use, and then switching to 9 on long plane rides or car trips; it's annoying that it's not working and that customer service is being poopy. Maybe if I bitch enough they'll send me a new one, as I really can't send the computer back.. the whole voided warranty thing.

Still have this nagging feeling that this battery will tank on me too, but I'm going to stop thinking that way... until it happens of course, and if it does... well there you go.

I'm just lucky that it wasn't a battery connection problem; then I'd only be able to use my laptop on AC power. THAT being said, it wouldn't be a terrible thing, as we're mostly all wired in this day and age. So looking on the bright side; this is still a great little piece of equipment, and I'm continuing to believe it was a good decision.

So there.

Watching the movie, Battlestar Galactica: Razor, a thing back from season 3. I want to try and extend my battlestar want for more with this, I guess. The last episode (ever) is tonight, and until that spinoff comes around (next year sometime), I and all my geek family will be sadly BSGless.

Last night the stage manager from the play at the Exit (our next door neighbor theatre) came up to me, and we had some words to say to each other.

"It was really loud tonight coming out of the theatre. Audience members turned and looked to the hallway."

I didn't say -If your actors were doing their job, some sound from the outside wouldn't pull their attention.-

I said, "I make an announcement, but there's really nothing I can do."

"I may have to call someone and require someone to be out here saying, 'be quiet, move along, be quiet, move along." She did this accompanied with a finger to the lips, and a point down the hall.

"Yep, that'd be nice."

"Well, I like a compromise, maybe we can come to a happy medium."


"I'm Amy." Extended her hand.


"Good to meet you."


She left, and I closed the door a little louder than I needed to, considering there's a show next door.

It's hard to put it into text, but her smug little attitude and her bitchy "rightness"; well, that's the reason I want to be a stage manager, to stop the shit that these power hungry self rightious stupid people.

Anywho. Battery's working well. Yay.

More more more

From yesterday March 19.


Trying out just typing in Notepad. After all, that's what journals and shit are for, right, normal stuff, not like I'm writing a paper or something.

Back to the show. I've been having some good times this week, and some depressing times. A lot of my depression still comes from my lack of work, but it seems like there's also an added tinge of empathy for some of my friends who've either lost a job or hate their job or are sick... and even some empathy for people walking down the street; there's been so many people this past week sobbing, bawling their heads off, just walking down the street. I don't know what to do in these situations. Of course, do nothing is the standard, but I just want to stop and comfort. It's an odd place to be, honestly. Very odd. But I really do just want to hug and hug and hug.

One funny thing that's been going on between Monica and I is our dual laptop fun during the evenings. It's so odd how BIG her laptop is compared to mine, and yet I feel no envy! This little fucker is one of the coolest things I've ever bought, and I think my experiences with my iPhone have made me happy with compact media centers and gaming devices.. and this is a wonderful piece of machinery! Lotro looked beautiful on it just last night, and I was successful in killing shit! Yeah!

Finally getting around to checking out the Player's Handbook 2. Looks like it's including everything I missed from PH1: gnomes, druids, mostly, and they've added an acceptable amount of cool shit to the rest of the build. It looks like 4e's shaping up to be something pretty wonderful. (Skill challenges, yay!)

Applied for something today that would have me camping out in the wilderness 2 days out of every week. Pays well too, but I'd dig the camping out. I like nature. They might need someone like me, a leader, and someone who knows how to present material; any other thing (hiking, nature, how to make a fire) I can be taught or figure out on my own. Ya gotta be quick with that kind of stuff, and if you're intelligent, it's easy enough to pick up, I'd imagine.

Oooh, really liking this new gnome stuff I can contribute to my next game. MONDAY! I can't wait to get back in the stuff; missed it terribly. I do wish I could find a real, in person, game around here, but for the most part, I'm going to have to contest myself (is that the right phrase) with online adventuring. It's been working fine so far.

Lily is here tonight. we were never really friends, but it's always good to see a HAIR alum out in the wild. Hot boyfriend she has too; they're a little.. non relationshipey though, maybe it's just a friend. He does look a little like he doesn't really like women.... so there you go. She's a good person, just a little odd, but a good person for the most part.

And more

Wow, I talk about the computer a lot, in this from March 14. (Pi day)


So (of course) after getting this new computer, and already voiding the warranty with adding additional ram, the battery doesn't seem to work, and will blip off with no warning, no standby or saving. And (of course) when I try and recreate the problem for a techie friend of mine, it doesn't work at all. And by not working, I mean it works completely fine on battery. So my theory will be to charge it up fully tonight, and see what happens. Maybe it's just hungry. Or maybe the battery's shot. Good ting I have a new one. Haha!

Happy Pi Day! It also so happens to coincide with the St. Patrick's Day parade, so I celebrated Pi day by wearing green and watching drunk people walk along the street and make asses of themselves. It was a good day. Then Monica and I went to Olive Garden, to further promote the Irish heritage. One chicken and gnocchi soup later and I was happy. (And poopy, not used to that much fat... well today's my cheat day, so it's all good. ) Wasn't able to have pie on pi day, but it's not over yet, and pie could always happen tomorrow, in observance.

5 minutes to curtain, then an hour and ten minutes later and I'll have one LONG week done, and will be able to get home. Before the show this evening, we removed the first row of seats and a few others off the rest of the rows, which will accomplish two things:
Make the audience not so close to the actors.
Make the audience seem bigger, especially when it's incredibly small.

I want to test out my theory with the computer right now, but I think I should charge the battery completely before fucking around with whether or not it'll be able to last without shutting down. If not... well, it's something to think about for the future. Also, I'll burn a disk image to make sure a catastrophic failure (if any) can be reversed with a simple reinstallation. Simple is subjective, of course, but I'm confident things will work out. I mean, they make these computers working, don't they? For the most part, at least.


I can't wait for the show tonight to be over. Oh em gee. So excited. AND AND AND there will only be 6 more performances left, then a vacation, then on to my next show! THEN A BREAK HOPEFULLY. Jesus, the life of an artist is busy and exhausting. People don't seem to know that most of the time. Some do, most definitely, but most. Feh.

That's right, feh. What the fuck kind of word is that anyway?

So. Show should have started 3 minutes ago, but we're waiting for the AD to come. Yeah. And we have to strike the set tonight, and revive it next Thursday. Shouldn't be too bad, just annoying; the set is full of little knick knacks that are as charming as they are to annoying to deal with.

Now the show starts; I have no idea what I was going to type, as I had to do some actual work this evening. Looking to be a little faster this evening, at least starting out that way. That's good. I'm a fan of fast shows, especially those that need to be completely struck after the evening's done. Okay, slowness starting. Blast. But... comedy? People are laughing? Oh thank god, maybe it'll be infused with some mirth tonight. Please let that be true.

Stressin' about tech tonight. Don't know why, but things seem a little odd around here... guess I'm picking up on someone's stress with my engorged empathy meter. Mmmm engorged. Longest. Scene. Change. Ever.

Ugh. Something's different with the sound button – tonight I really have to jam down the pause and play button for something to register. The woes of a stage manager. Well, if I ran a tighter ship it wouldn't be that bad, but I've been lacking on that front. I think it's my extreme lack of any want to worry about this show; it's not furthering my career, it has horrible money, and no equity points. I have to try and focus on my goals right now, mostly only accepting the shows that will help me get into the union. Thanks 42nd Street Moon! You rock! And you're helping me become awesome actor that I want to be, that I really am, but who is hampered by the union structure in this country.

Unions are important, certainly, but there's something broken about a union that won't let a person who is WILLING TO PAY MONEY RIGHT NOW to get in, rather than go through some odd points system on the whim of idiots giving me parts in an equity theatre. Ugh! It's frustrating, but the only way to change it is from within, so the first step is definitely getting in the fucking thing and working on making it a better place for all actors.

Wow, sometimes I get preachy when I don't mean to be. Weird. I didn't think I was political or interested in helping other people's lives other than myself and my own friends and loved ones. Probably would be a good politician. I'd probably have to be a lawyer before that. And that means law school, and LSAT. So no. Let's not go into that direction. But maybe. I'm a dork, I'd probably be a good lawyer, and it'd let me push off real world activities for the next 3 years. HA! But isn't that what my potential master's in theatre supposed to be? Yeah. Well, I could always go back to school; I've always thought my entire life would be a learning experience.

Haven't checked my weight in a while, I'm simply hoping I'm below the 260 mark. I've been cheating a lot lately, but have been upping my exercise and walking during the week. And that ain't no easy thing; this show has been draining me of my soul and my energy. Now that it's up.. well, let's just say I'm happy that it's up, and happy to get back to my exercise regime. I long to be a skinny bitch. I am a skinny bitch, I just like to eat too much, I suppose. SKINNY BITCH.

Typing that in all caps reminds me that I haven't posted on 12 seconds for a while. Well, next time I have wireless I'll post from here, and post from my home computer. I love that site; just been so fucking busy with life and such that there's been a tremendous lack of computer time, both professional and gaming. Still, more applying for jobs than Fallout 3 lately (a good thing, theoretically), but of course I want to play more games. Let's hope I can actually get a job in gaming someday. Or running a comic book shop. Wouldn't that be cool? An expansive retail comic shop with all sorts of trade paperbacks, tons of monthlies, and a lot of grab bags of comics that people can buy. I'd be a good comic book shop guy. Sigh. Maybe after I'm an Important Actor and have tons of money, that'll be my pet project.

Or maybe it'll be my project now. Maybe I'll find people who want to do this with me. Who knows. This may happen. Ha, maybe it'll happen in St. Louis. Cheaper rent there. But... it would be nice to have one in Fairfax. They don't have a comic shop, and I'm sure there's a nerd community there that can be tapped.

Wow, I could use a drink tonight. Something about the stress of the show, the stress of the laptop, and the oddness that is my engorged empathy meter just makes me want to not feel as much. Then again, I'd like to just go home and see Monica. I miss her so much lately. Even through the bad shit that we have, and all relationships do, through it all I know that there's so much love we have for each other. And as if on cue, she sends me a text proclaiming the fact. This girl of mine, is awesome. Totally cool, and soon we'll feel good about our bodies and our weight. Maybe even have some toned awesome look for swimming.

Almost charged! Yay. And I've been using the computer this entire time. It MUST be the battery. Boo, but it's still an extremely portable computer, and everywhere has a plug now a days. If not, it's not worth me coming in, or not worth cracking out the computer, and instead maybe reading a book, perhaps? Getting off the computer maybe? It'd be good sometimes.

Another old one

And this is from March 12. It's weird seeing all these older ones and rereading what's been going on.


One of the oddest sensations I've been experiencing lately is the one where you're washing your hands, and during the lather process, the drops of suds and water that fall into the sink are brown or black. I then think back, wondering if I put my hand in shit or in black tar, and can't think of anything, eventually coming to the realization that my everyday life is full of gross. Needless to say I've been washing my hands with much more frequency than before.

The show is up! Our tech weekend, as always, was full of horror and not very much fun, but the people I'm working with are extraordinary, and everything came together in the end, especially on the tech side of things; thank gods for Will. He's an official technician, and rocks out frequently with all of his technical knowhow. So yes, that was... just a few days ago actually. Seems so long ago. 8, 9, 10 hour days do that to you, and now we're on the second performance. There was a cast party last night. I didn't stay very long.

It's not that I don't like cast parties really, it's just that these weren't really actor people; it was mostly Dot's family and Meg's friends, no one really who would help me gain a tier in the theatre world, as I found out after talking to some of the people that evening. Free wine though, and some pretty kickass appetizers. When I'm rich, definitely going back there.

Through the magic of the paragraph break, I've been gone for 5 minutes telling the actors to check their props, and updating them on how long we have before the show starts. The amazingly funny thing is that we did have 3 people in the audience, and now we have 2. Not quite sure how that happened, but it's always pretty hard getting people to come to a brand new play at a new theatre. That's what's hard about new theatre: if you're established, you have the opportunity to take more risks with what you want to do (not that any of them really do) and if you are just getting started, and really want to push the boundaries of theatre, your risks are never praised like they should be... no crowds, no attention. Let's hope the new company will work, since it's dinner and a show as well.

My plan is to set these on blogger at some point, but I'm not sure if that'll happen. Until then, openoffice will be my friend. Funny that, openoffice doesn't recognize openoffice as correctly spelled.... OH! They recommend OpenOffice. No squiggles under there.

My days are repetitive and depressing. Devotees will recall that I've been unemployed since last July, and have had middling success with finding a new job. It, of course, doesn't help that my application for Starbucks is sitting on my dresser, signed and ready to be brought to the store, but for some reason I just don't want to go back there; I don't want to be held down by that place like it used to. Now Peet's... that's a different story!

The Scoop is hiring... maybe I'll head that direction.

Almost time to start the show... I'll try and update during... give me something to do.

Wow, an ellipses fan lately, I suppose.

Whilst eating at Punjab today (my new favorite Tenderloin restaurant), Treacy came in, crying. Her husband, Locky wants to divorce her, and through the course of the meal, I found out that he had been belittling her, calling her names, telling her she doesn't do anything for the family, for YEARS. Mom and I talked to her a bit, telling her that it's a good thing that this relationship is ending; he's an asshole. Who knows if it'll happen, but she shouldnt' live like this. I wish it hadn't come to this. I mean, fuck, they have a kid. A beautiful, wonderful 4 year old girl.

Lots of pee smells walking to the theatre today. Oop! Show's on!

Well, almost. Dot has to run to the bathroom. And then check to see if there are any more people.

There's 5 people in the audience now. This one's for them.

Wow, this one's for them, but they don't seem to know it is. Crickets would make more noise than these guys. Fuck, sloths would make more noise. And they're pretty quiet! You heard me! Some animal that's really quiet would be louder than this audience!

I'm implying that the audience isn't very responsive. Did you get that?

Oh, you did?

Well. Ha on me.

I was playing a little Fallout 3 today, and for some reason the charm of the game has been lost on me since I took a break from gaming for a while. It might be the oddness of the gameplay since I've “upgraded” to XP from Vista, and since that copy wasn't my original XP... well maybe something's cracked in this version, I don't know... but it's just slower. It could also be my hard drive is simply older? I mean, I bought my machine in late 06; computers do have a low shelf life. Well, no matter, I don't have enough money to buy a new machine at this point in my life anyway, let alone for gaming... so there you have it. THAT is precisely why I've been entering online sweepstakes, about 10 a day. According to the law of averages, sooner or later I'm bound to get one. Which is why all of the ones I enter have a computer as a prize. Here's to hoping! I'm such a geek. Maybe I should have stuck with my computer science degree. Bleh; makes me shudder just thinking of it, actually. Maybe just a little bit of computer savviness with some classes might scratch my itch...

I'm slowly becoming aware that I haven't washed these jeans in a long time. Yeah, thinking about that makes me really gross. I'm just happy I have spare clothes... especially after walking by homeless people every day walking to the theatre. I have the luxury of knowing my jeans are a little ripe and can make plans to throw them in the wash as soon as I get home. They, however, have to stay in smelly jeans all the time. I finally bended and gave some change to a guy on the street, in a wheelchair. Then I felt sad because I couldn't give give change to everyone, ESPECIALLY now when I have no money.

It only took me 75 cents to stop giving homeless people money again. I wish there was something I could do, but hell, I don't have much myself.

Says the man with the laptop.

Hypocrite alert! Yep, that's me. The guy who's entering sweepstakes longing for something better, newer, than what I have. I wish there was something better about me in that respect. My dime store psychology is that it stems from not growing up with much, and then having a job, with disposable income, then not having a job, and my increasing depression and inability to provide. Wow, that actually sounded pretty intelligent.

Woah. My computer just blipped out, and wouldnt' start without crashing... plugged it in, now is working. Maybe the battery monitor wasn't right. Or maybe the battery it came with is busted. Man, that would suck. Or maybe it just overheated. Huh. Well. No matter, it's working now, and charging... saying it has 41% and charging. That's odd, it should have lasted longer. Must be the battery. Fuck. That's why we have spares, folks. And that's why we need to save after every sentence. Going to shut down now and charge the rest...

More old posts

And this is from March 8


Good Thing of today: we're getting a lunch. I completely thought we were going to blast through till 6 (jesus! It's 3 right now) without any break. So yes, delicious food. Although ANY food at this point will make me happy. Changing one's diet is always hard, but for someone like me, who was so used to super fatty foods almost all the time... I'm just happy I'm more used to it, and it's been paying off (15 pounds gone, can you fucking believe that?! It's just as easy as eating sensibly and exercising as much as you can, although lately my exercise regime has been Just Get up Every Once In A While, and Would It Kill You To Not Eat So Many Snacks has been my diet. I want to step it up, if I want to lose as much as I want, and to get more fit... been a lazy bum lately. I guess that's coming with the depression that comes from no job and no jobs on the horizon.

Now they're giving notes, so I guess I should pay more attention. Bleh, usually they don't notice me up here, and I should enjoy this downtime; when the show starts, I'll have so much to do with all these different scene changes. But when it comes down to it, I'm sure I'll be streamlined enough to have some writing time as the longer scenes are going on. Whatever, we'll see how it goes throughout dress rehearsal and the first few shows.

I can't believe we're opening. I never thought this would happen. There are some shows that you think will never go up... and this was definitely one of them. It seemed too far off, especially when I originally was hired as SM. So far away, and now it's here. I betcha that's going to happen more and more during my life. Yep.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bringing another online

This one is from March 7


I love my laptop, and I think it's mostly because it's a simple way to get my ideas down, or anything down while I'm waiting. My 9 cell battery even came, but I'm still using my old 3 cell with a wall plug; thinking the new battery's only going to be for travel or if I won't be near an outlet for an entire day... which now that I think about it seems a little odd in this day and age, but you never know. Hey, at least it cost the same as a 6 cell, so I think I'm getting my money's worth. And even if I'm not, I can still brag for a 7-9 hour charge with the FUCKING HUGE battery.

Maybe it was a bad purchase; been getting a lot of flak for it from my friends, but when it comes down to it, it's already done, and I really am not going to send it back, always good to have a spare battery, even if it pushes up the back of my cute little netbook.

Wow, been writing a lot about this little computer of mine; I guess I know what's been on my mind lately. It's funny, when I'm not using it, I feel like I'm wasting it, but when it is used, I am so happy to have it... so I think it was the right decision. Even if it wasn't, warranty's void after installing this ram... so haha to me.

This rehearsal, while slow, is very productive; I'm proud of this production. Taking one more step back and giving the actors more time to explore and create with the new space was the right idea. Having more solid direction is better as well; gotta hand it to our director, she really has improved, and is learning something new every day. Maybe she'll be a great director after all, it's a little late for perfection for this show, but everyone has to start somewhere. So GOOD FOR YOU, Dot! You're working hard, and it's paying off – this show's going to be a great one.

However, from delays and an extra long lunch break, we're going to be much later than intended; we're supposed to be done at 6, ten minutes from now... I doubt this will happen on time... and it's more important to have a run in than getting out on time... right? Well, I know where my vote is, really. More organization would mean a watchmen showing for me tonight, as is, I'll be lucky to be home by 9.

Also, I love OpenOffice. Friends don't let friends use Word.

I wrote this March 4.. and am just posting it.

This was from one of the last rehearsals. Over today I guess I'll put up some of my entries that I've been writing without internet access.


There's no more focus this evening; the play is done, and we should go home. The problem is... we have very amateur directors. One is so much better than the other, but still, her insights are hardly something trained. One somewhat trained, the other just running on something incredibly linear and unimaginative. It's frustrating, and every single time I'm here I wish I didn't agree to something like this. I think mom thinks the same way.

The biggest problem and frustration is really the idea that this how might be successful, as successful as shows can get at the EXIT. The type of people that come to the show are definitely the type that would like tripe like this. Who knows? Worse shows have been given greenlights, and many “professional” theatres around this area would put something as awful as this up; they seem to not really know what the theatre world should be, they're just caught up in what would be neat – oh it's new, so it must be fantastic!

Let's hope she'll lose interest after this piece. Well, even if she goes on to found a groundbreaking company, I've already made the choice of never coming back and working for her. Just too unprofessional. This of course, is being typed when they're giving notes; who's the professional now? Tee hee.

Also, I'm using my new laptop to type this, and couldn't be happier. Now when the new battery comes in, I'll charge it, and see how long it lasts in a setting like this; maybe one of the show days that will last for fucking ever. Well, typing's fun. Next up, playing up some videos on this thing.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rehearsing Rehearsal

There's no more focus this evening; the play is done, and we should go home. The problem is... we have very amateur directors. One is so much better than the other, but still, her insights are hardly something trained. One somewhat trained, the other just running on something incredibly linear and unimaginative. It's frustrating, and every single time I'm here I wish I didn't agree to something like this. I think mom thinks the same way.

The biggest problem and frustration is really the idea that this how might be successful, as successful as shows can get at the EXIT. The type of people that come to the show are definitely the type that would like tripe like this. Who knows? Worse shows have been given greenlights, and many “professional” theatres around this area would put something as awful as this up; they seem to not really know what the theatre world should be, they're just caught up in what would be neat – oh it's new, so it must be fantastic!

Let's hope she'll lose interest after this piece. Well, even if she goes on to found a groundbreaking company, I've already made the choice of never coming back and working for her. Just too unprofessional. This of course, is being typed when they're giving notes; who's the professional now? Tee hee.

Also, I'm using my new laptop to type this, and couldn't be happier. Now when the new battery comes in, I'll charge it, and see how long it lasts in a setting like this; maybe one of the show days that will last for fucking ever. Well, typing's fun. Next up, playing up some videos on this thing.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Many things have happened since I've last posted, mostly having to do with my inner turmoils in buying a netbook (MSI Wind) and the "what the fuck" or "didn't I want a gaming laptop" or "why did I pay for this?" but it all turned out well, and I now have a really cool netbook, with a 9 cell battery in the mail for my longer trips. I'm super excited about this prospect.

I spent the bulk of the day updating and fiddling around with stuff, eventually coming to a roadblock in my computerdom when I tried to... er... "flash" the "bios" to give my Wind a turbo mode as well as an eco mode to save battery life. I wasn't able to get the bios to work... I think I might actually need a helping hand; stabbing in the dark on these things isn't always the best way to get things done.

And right now, since I've been awake doing computer stuff all night, I've zipped from mom's to my apartment and am trying to set up the wireless here, but the airport express isn't working. So, resetting it yet again to see what's going on. This has been a continuing problem for a while now, but it's sometimes fun troubleshooting things like this. So. Here we are.