Friday, March 20, 2009

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Wow, I talk about the computer a lot, in this from March 14. (Pi day)


So (of course) after getting this new computer, and already voiding the warranty with adding additional ram, the battery doesn't seem to work, and will blip off with no warning, no standby or saving. And (of course) when I try and recreate the problem for a techie friend of mine, it doesn't work at all. And by not working, I mean it works completely fine on battery. So my theory will be to charge it up fully tonight, and see what happens. Maybe it's just hungry. Or maybe the battery's shot. Good ting I have a new one. Haha!

Happy Pi Day! It also so happens to coincide with the St. Patrick's Day parade, so I celebrated Pi day by wearing green and watching drunk people walk along the street and make asses of themselves. It was a good day. Then Monica and I went to Olive Garden, to further promote the Irish heritage. One chicken and gnocchi soup later and I was happy. (And poopy, not used to that much fat... well today's my cheat day, so it's all good. ) Wasn't able to have pie on pi day, but it's not over yet, and pie could always happen tomorrow, in observance.

5 minutes to curtain, then an hour and ten minutes later and I'll have one LONG week done, and will be able to get home. Before the show this evening, we removed the first row of seats and a few others off the rest of the rows, which will accomplish two things:
Make the audience not so close to the actors.
Make the audience seem bigger, especially when it's incredibly small.

I want to test out my theory with the computer right now, but I think I should charge the battery completely before fucking around with whether or not it'll be able to last without shutting down. If not... well, it's something to think about for the future. Also, I'll burn a disk image to make sure a catastrophic failure (if any) can be reversed with a simple reinstallation. Simple is subjective, of course, but I'm confident things will work out. I mean, they make these computers working, don't they? For the most part, at least.


I can't wait for the show tonight to be over. Oh em gee. So excited. AND AND AND there will only be 6 more performances left, then a vacation, then on to my next show! THEN A BREAK HOPEFULLY. Jesus, the life of an artist is busy and exhausting. People don't seem to know that most of the time. Some do, most definitely, but most. Feh.

That's right, feh. What the fuck kind of word is that anyway?

So. Show should have started 3 minutes ago, but we're waiting for the AD to come. Yeah. And we have to strike the set tonight, and revive it next Thursday. Shouldn't be too bad, just annoying; the set is full of little knick knacks that are as charming as they are to annoying to deal with.

Now the show starts; I have no idea what I was going to type, as I had to do some actual work this evening. Looking to be a little faster this evening, at least starting out that way. That's good. I'm a fan of fast shows, especially those that need to be completely struck after the evening's done. Okay, slowness starting. Blast. But... comedy? People are laughing? Oh thank god, maybe it'll be infused with some mirth tonight. Please let that be true.

Stressin' about tech tonight. Don't know why, but things seem a little odd around here... guess I'm picking up on someone's stress with my engorged empathy meter. Mmmm engorged. Longest. Scene. Change. Ever.

Ugh. Something's different with the sound button – tonight I really have to jam down the pause and play button for something to register. The woes of a stage manager. Well, if I ran a tighter ship it wouldn't be that bad, but I've been lacking on that front. I think it's my extreme lack of any want to worry about this show; it's not furthering my career, it has horrible money, and no equity points. I have to try and focus on my goals right now, mostly only accepting the shows that will help me get into the union. Thanks 42nd Street Moon! You rock! And you're helping me become awesome actor that I want to be, that I really am, but who is hampered by the union structure in this country.

Unions are important, certainly, but there's something broken about a union that won't let a person who is WILLING TO PAY MONEY RIGHT NOW to get in, rather than go through some odd points system on the whim of idiots giving me parts in an equity theatre. Ugh! It's frustrating, but the only way to change it is from within, so the first step is definitely getting in the fucking thing and working on making it a better place for all actors.

Wow, sometimes I get preachy when I don't mean to be. Weird. I didn't think I was political or interested in helping other people's lives other than myself and my own friends and loved ones. Probably would be a good politician. I'd probably have to be a lawyer before that. And that means law school, and LSAT. So no. Let's not go into that direction. But maybe. I'm a dork, I'd probably be a good lawyer, and it'd let me push off real world activities for the next 3 years. HA! But isn't that what my potential master's in theatre supposed to be? Yeah. Well, I could always go back to school; I've always thought my entire life would be a learning experience.

Haven't checked my weight in a while, I'm simply hoping I'm below the 260 mark. I've been cheating a lot lately, but have been upping my exercise and walking during the week. And that ain't no easy thing; this show has been draining me of my soul and my energy. Now that it's up.. well, let's just say I'm happy that it's up, and happy to get back to my exercise regime. I long to be a skinny bitch. I am a skinny bitch, I just like to eat too much, I suppose. SKINNY BITCH.

Typing that in all caps reminds me that I haven't posted on 12 seconds for a while. Well, next time I have wireless I'll post from here, and post from my home computer. I love that site; just been so fucking busy with life and such that there's been a tremendous lack of computer time, both professional and gaming. Still, more applying for jobs than Fallout 3 lately (a good thing, theoretically), but of course I want to play more games. Let's hope I can actually get a job in gaming someday. Or running a comic book shop. Wouldn't that be cool? An expansive retail comic shop with all sorts of trade paperbacks, tons of monthlies, and a lot of grab bags of comics that people can buy. I'd be a good comic book shop guy. Sigh. Maybe after I'm an Important Actor and have tons of money, that'll be my pet project.

Or maybe it'll be my project now. Maybe I'll find people who want to do this with me. Who knows. This may happen. Ha, maybe it'll happen in St. Louis. Cheaper rent there. But... it would be nice to have one in Fairfax. They don't have a comic shop, and I'm sure there's a nerd community there that can be tapped.

Wow, I could use a drink tonight. Something about the stress of the show, the stress of the laptop, and the oddness that is my engorged empathy meter just makes me want to not feel as much. Then again, I'd like to just go home and see Monica. I miss her so much lately. Even through the bad shit that we have, and all relationships do, through it all I know that there's so much love we have for each other. And as if on cue, she sends me a text proclaiming the fact. This girl of mine, is awesome. Totally cool, and soon we'll feel good about our bodies and our weight. Maybe even have some toned awesome look for swimming.

Almost charged! Yay. And I've been using the computer this entire time. It MUST be the battery. Boo, but it's still an extremely portable computer, and everywhere has a plug now a days. If not, it's not worth me coming in, or not worth cracking out the computer, and instead maybe reading a book, perhaps? Getting off the computer maybe? It'd be good sometimes.

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