Friday, March 20, 2009

More old posts

And this is from March 8


Good Thing of today: we're getting a lunch. I completely thought we were going to blast through till 6 (jesus! It's 3 right now) without any break. So yes, delicious food. Although ANY food at this point will make me happy. Changing one's diet is always hard, but for someone like me, who was so used to super fatty foods almost all the time... I'm just happy I'm more used to it, and it's been paying off (15 pounds gone, can you fucking believe that?! It's just as easy as eating sensibly and exercising as much as you can, although lately my exercise regime has been Just Get up Every Once In A While, and Would It Kill You To Not Eat So Many Snacks has been my diet. I want to step it up, if I want to lose as much as I want, and to get more fit... been a lazy bum lately. I guess that's coming with the depression that comes from no job and no jobs on the horizon.

Now they're giving notes, so I guess I should pay more attention. Bleh, usually they don't notice me up here, and I should enjoy this downtime; when the show starts, I'll have so much to do with all these different scene changes. But when it comes down to it, I'm sure I'll be streamlined enough to have some writing time as the longer scenes are going on. Whatever, we'll see how it goes throughout dress rehearsal and the first few shows.

I can't believe we're opening. I never thought this would happen. There are some shows that you think will never go up... and this was definitely one of them. It seemed too far off, especially when I originally was hired as SM. So far away, and now it's here. I betcha that's going to happen more and more during my life. Yep.

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