Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Even In School and I Procrastinate

Instead of exercising, I'm now writing here online with nothing to say.

Oh wait!

Nope, nothing to say. So more procrastination. Um. It's hot here, and I'm breaking out my pants that look kinda like pajama pants but aren't really and they're simply pants that are on the thinner side, which also breathe well.

Also, crocs will probably be worn today.

So. There you go. Exciting life!

OH! We're going to Tuttimelon tonight, and I will be a happy camper when it comes to our nightly something that's become a habit apparently because we go to Tuttimelon all the time. A tremendously wonderful thing, and a thing that really isn't exciting.

I wish I wanted to exercise when I was bored rather than writing meaningless thing online.

Now, to download the new Decemberists album.

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