Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Would People Want to Read My Ramblings, Anyway?

Been watching the Office. And I'm happy that I made the leap to see the show. Much like the majority of people who watch the Office, I find the unfathomable uncomfortableness hilarious and wonderful. Of course, it makes me almost as uncomfortable, since I'm not an idiot like the majority of main characters in this cast.

It's amazing. And it really is, when people say "this is JUST like real offices! OH MAN!" Usually, snide comments are my response to that statement, but goddamn, it really is. I miss those days of not having to do anything for money. I mean, I worked my ass off, didn't I?! YES. There's been a lack of ass working in my life lately. Woah, I mean. Uh.

It also is a little awkward to watch this unimportance after seeing something like the end of BSG. Makes me want to go on an epic adventure and command a Battlestar. And then retire for a cushy civilian job.

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