Friday, March 20, 2009

Another old one

And this is from March 12. It's weird seeing all these older ones and rereading what's been going on.


One of the oddest sensations I've been experiencing lately is the one where you're washing your hands, and during the lather process, the drops of suds and water that fall into the sink are brown or black. I then think back, wondering if I put my hand in shit or in black tar, and can't think of anything, eventually coming to the realization that my everyday life is full of gross. Needless to say I've been washing my hands with much more frequency than before.

The show is up! Our tech weekend, as always, was full of horror and not very much fun, but the people I'm working with are extraordinary, and everything came together in the end, especially on the tech side of things; thank gods for Will. He's an official technician, and rocks out frequently with all of his technical knowhow. So yes, that was... just a few days ago actually. Seems so long ago. 8, 9, 10 hour days do that to you, and now we're on the second performance. There was a cast party last night. I didn't stay very long.

It's not that I don't like cast parties really, it's just that these weren't really actor people; it was mostly Dot's family and Meg's friends, no one really who would help me gain a tier in the theatre world, as I found out after talking to some of the people that evening. Free wine though, and some pretty kickass appetizers. When I'm rich, definitely going back there.

Through the magic of the paragraph break, I've been gone for 5 minutes telling the actors to check their props, and updating them on how long we have before the show starts. The amazingly funny thing is that we did have 3 people in the audience, and now we have 2. Not quite sure how that happened, but it's always pretty hard getting people to come to a brand new play at a new theatre. That's what's hard about new theatre: if you're established, you have the opportunity to take more risks with what you want to do (not that any of them really do) and if you are just getting started, and really want to push the boundaries of theatre, your risks are never praised like they should be... no crowds, no attention. Let's hope the new company will work, since it's dinner and a show as well.

My plan is to set these on blogger at some point, but I'm not sure if that'll happen. Until then, openoffice will be my friend. Funny that, openoffice doesn't recognize openoffice as correctly spelled.... OH! They recommend OpenOffice. No squiggles under there.

My days are repetitive and depressing. Devotees will recall that I've been unemployed since last July, and have had middling success with finding a new job. It, of course, doesn't help that my application for Starbucks is sitting on my dresser, signed and ready to be brought to the store, but for some reason I just don't want to go back there; I don't want to be held down by that place like it used to. Now Peet's... that's a different story!

The Scoop is hiring... maybe I'll head that direction.

Almost time to start the show... I'll try and update during... give me something to do.

Wow, an ellipses fan lately, I suppose.

Whilst eating at Punjab today (my new favorite Tenderloin restaurant), Treacy came in, crying. Her husband, Locky wants to divorce her, and through the course of the meal, I found out that he had been belittling her, calling her names, telling her she doesn't do anything for the family, for YEARS. Mom and I talked to her a bit, telling her that it's a good thing that this relationship is ending; he's an asshole. Who knows if it'll happen, but she shouldnt' live like this. I wish it hadn't come to this. I mean, fuck, they have a kid. A beautiful, wonderful 4 year old girl.

Lots of pee smells walking to the theatre today. Oop! Show's on!

Well, almost. Dot has to run to the bathroom. And then check to see if there are any more people.

There's 5 people in the audience now. This one's for them.

Wow, this one's for them, but they don't seem to know it is. Crickets would make more noise than these guys. Fuck, sloths would make more noise. And they're pretty quiet! You heard me! Some animal that's really quiet would be louder than this audience!

I'm implying that the audience isn't very responsive. Did you get that?

Oh, you did?

Well. Ha on me.

I was playing a little Fallout 3 today, and for some reason the charm of the game has been lost on me since I took a break from gaming for a while. It might be the oddness of the gameplay since I've “upgraded” to XP from Vista, and since that copy wasn't my original XP... well maybe something's cracked in this version, I don't know... but it's just slower. It could also be my hard drive is simply older? I mean, I bought my machine in late 06; computers do have a low shelf life. Well, no matter, I don't have enough money to buy a new machine at this point in my life anyway, let alone for gaming... so there you have it. THAT is precisely why I've been entering online sweepstakes, about 10 a day. According to the law of averages, sooner or later I'm bound to get one. Which is why all of the ones I enter have a computer as a prize. Here's to hoping! I'm such a geek. Maybe I should have stuck with my computer science degree. Bleh; makes me shudder just thinking of it, actually. Maybe just a little bit of computer savviness with some classes might scratch my itch...

I'm slowly becoming aware that I haven't washed these jeans in a long time. Yeah, thinking about that makes me really gross. I'm just happy I have spare clothes... especially after walking by homeless people every day walking to the theatre. I have the luxury of knowing my jeans are a little ripe and can make plans to throw them in the wash as soon as I get home. They, however, have to stay in smelly jeans all the time. I finally bended and gave some change to a guy on the street, in a wheelchair. Then I felt sad because I couldn't give give change to everyone, ESPECIALLY now when I have no money.

It only took me 75 cents to stop giving homeless people money again. I wish there was something I could do, but hell, I don't have much myself.

Says the man with the laptop.

Hypocrite alert! Yep, that's me. The guy who's entering sweepstakes longing for something better, newer, than what I have. I wish there was something better about me in that respect. My dime store psychology is that it stems from not growing up with much, and then having a job, with disposable income, then not having a job, and my increasing depression and inability to provide. Wow, that actually sounded pretty intelligent.

Woah. My computer just blipped out, and wouldnt' start without crashing... plugged it in, now is working. Maybe the battery monitor wasn't right. Or maybe the battery it came with is busted. Man, that would suck. Or maybe it just overheated. Huh. Well. No matter, it's working now, and charging... saying it has 41% and charging. That's odd, it should have lasted longer. Must be the battery. Fuck. That's why we have spares, folks. And that's why we need to save after every sentence. Going to shut down now and charge the rest...

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