Sunday, March 15, 2009

I wrote this March 4.. and am just posting it.

This was from one of the last rehearsals. Over today I guess I'll put up some of my entries that I've been writing without internet access.


There's no more focus this evening; the play is done, and we should go home. The problem is... we have very amateur directors. One is so much better than the other, but still, her insights are hardly something trained. One somewhat trained, the other just running on something incredibly linear and unimaginative. It's frustrating, and every single time I'm here I wish I didn't agree to something like this. I think mom thinks the same way.

The biggest problem and frustration is really the idea that this how might be successful, as successful as shows can get at the EXIT. The type of people that come to the show are definitely the type that would like tripe like this. Who knows? Worse shows have been given greenlights, and many “professional” theatres around this area would put something as awful as this up; they seem to not really know what the theatre world should be, they're just caught up in what would be neat – oh it's new, so it must be fantastic!

Let's hope she'll lose interest after this piece. Well, even if she goes on to found a groundbreaking company, I've already made the choice of never coming back and working for her. Just too unprofessional. This of course, is being typed when they're giving notes; who's the professional now? Tee hee.

Also, I'm using my new laptop to type this, and couldn't be happier. Now when the new battery comes in, I'll charge it, and see how long it lasts in a setting like this; maybe one of the show days that will last for fucking ever. Well, typing's fun. Next up, playing up some videos on this thing.

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