Friday, March 20, 2009

And this one I just wrote! Yay laptop!

Woo hoo to actually writing something.

My battery problem was just that. Luckily, my 9 cell works fine, and has a huge charge... so benefits for all. It's huge though, but that's okay with me, I'll survive somehow. I just was planning on using the 3 cell on normal use, and then switching to 9 on long plane rides or car trips; it's annoying that it's not working and that customer service is being poopy. Maybe if I bitch enough they'll send me a new one, as I really can't send the computer back.. the whole voided warranty thing.

Still have this nagging feeling that this battery will tank on me too, but I'm going to stop thinking that way... until it happens of course, and if it does... well there you go.

I'm just lucky that it wasn't a battery connection problem; then I'd only be able to use my laptop on AC power. THAT being said, it wouldn't be a terrible thing, as we're mostly all wired in this day and age. So looking on the bright side; this is still a great little piece of equipment, and I'm continuing to believe it was a good decision.

So there.

Watching the movie, Battlestar Galactica: Razor, a thing back from season 3. I want to try and extend my battlestar want for more with this, I guess. The last episode (ever) is tonight, and until that spinoff comes around (next year sometime), I and all my geek family will be sadly BSGless.

Last night the stage manager from the play at the Exit (our next door neighbor theatre) came up to me, and we had some words to say to each other.

"It was really loud tonight coming out of the theatre. Audience members turned and looked to the hallway."

I didn't say -If your actors were doing their job, some sound from the outside wouldn't pull their attention.-

I said, "I make an announcement, but there's really nothing I can do."

"I may have to call someone and require someone to be out here saying, 'be quiet, move along, be quiet, move along." She did this accompanied with a finger to the lips, and a point down the hall.

"Yep, that'd be nice."

"Well, I like a compromise, maybe we can come to a happy medium."


"I'm Amy." Extended her hand.


"Good to meet you."


She left, and I closed the door a little louder than I needed to, considering there's a show next door.

It's hard to put it into text, but her smug little attitude and her bitchy "rightness"; well, that's the reason I want to be a stage manager, to stop the shit that these power hungry self rightious stupid people.

Anywho. Battery's working well. Yay.

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