Monday, March 30, 2009


My TARDIS fell apart this morning. It's a tragedy really, but it's probably time for me to start growing a new one. Another 900 years I'd be ready to carve the interior. I'm thinking this should have been a tweet; there's nothing else I have to say.

It's been pretty hot here in norcal. Box fan = awesome, yet air conditioners are nonexistent in this world oddly enough. There's something good about the Midwest right there... but there's something to think about when it comes to the fact that if AC hadn't been invented, the south would never have risen in power. So, in a way, AC needs to be taken away. Then people will be too warm to do anything. Like me, just sitting here, in the heat.

Thank the sweet holy hotness though, because I actually got some real meaty work done today. Plenty of stuff done working with getting a boring old person Roth IRA online. Made me bored doing it, typing it, thinking about what I should do, and eating my plaintain burrito after I was done transfering it.

End boring post.

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