Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Many things have happened since I've last posted, mostly having to do with my inner turmoils in buying a netbook (MSI Wind) and the "what the fuck" or "didn't I want a gaming laptop" or "why did I pay for this?" but it all turned out well, and I now have a really cool netbook, with a 9 cell battery in the mail for my longer trips. I'm super excited about this prospect.

I spent the bulk of the day updating and fiddling around with stuff, eventually coming to a roadblock in my computerdom when I tried to... er... "flash" the "bios" to give my Wind a turbo mode as well as an eco mode to save battery life. I wasn't able to get the bios to work... I think I might actually need a helping hand; stabbing in the dark on these things isn't always the best way to get things done.

And right now, since I've been awake doing computer stuff all night, I've zipped from mom's to my apartment and am trying to set up the wireless here, but the airport express isn't working. So, resetting it yet again to see what's going on. This has been a continuing problem for a while now, but it's sometimes fun troubleshooting things like this. So. Here we are.

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