Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back from the Midwest, and fruitless (except for the dried fruit in my bag). Over the weekend I used my dad's laptop, and got a little laptop crazy for a while, but I think that will go away once I get to my wonderful computer.

I am still a little laptop crazy though, and Monica's is really pretty; I may have to go to best buy and get the same one she has. But then again, I really don't need one - I don't travel enough, and when I need to use a computer, there's one that's handy. So... I think I'll wait for a little bit and see if I genuinely need one. In the meantime, maybe I'll find a job so it will be justified. Here's my promise to myself though: if I get more stage management gigs, I'll buy a laptop for rehearsals.

Because of my frustration this weekend, I've brainstormed what the reason I may be not as successful as I want to be is because of my weight... so I've stepped up working out, and it has been pretty wonderful so far, and not as hard as I thought it would be; I'm stronger than I realize.

Now just to get a little bit more cardio in my days. A walk or some DDR each day would be useful.

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