Monday, February 9, 2009

Grumpy Gus

So um yeah.

I've been having some great auditions lately, and yet none have been coming to fruition. Great shit. Great feedback, people saying "spot on" stuff like that. And yet, nothing comes of it.

Granted, these people are mostly idiots in any aspect, so if they hire me, it's whether or not they deign to use me on a whim, because I smiled the right way, or said something they particularly liked. Well, moreso than normal like; I do believe they like me, I do believe we're friends... but something that amuses them in particular.

It's just been silly lately, that's all. When hearing about this guy who gets cast here all the time (yes, I know, people other than me can get cast) but he's not better than anyone else, he just is from LA. And I wrote about these people last year, in regards to the same person, who is now, in fact, Don Quixote in the Mountain play. I still think he's a very pleasant fellow, but way too young for that role/can't sing.

Whatever. Something good will happen sometime. It's bound to.

And the first step is starting an experiment. I will update to see if it works.

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