Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mostly about Dad

Gathering dust in the corner, my ever increasingly unused blog. I guess I'll say something today, why not?

I've been busy as a sexy bee lately SMing Lead, Dot's new play, of which my mom is a major character, and a bunch of our friends are the rest of the parts. It's been fun so far, but as in all SM gigs, I've seen over and over again at how I'd run the rehearsal differently, or how that I could be a pretty bitchin director. After all, I do have a lot of experience in this field. Maybe someday, especially with the great news... that's not solidified, so I really shouldn't send it out there in the world, but let's just say that a new theatre company may be out in the wild pretty soon. Now if only I could get dreamweaver to work, and set up a website so that it really WILL be out there in the world.

Still haven't found an official slot for the MWTA, but I'm on their list, and that's a good thing; because of this, I'm heading out to St. Louis next weekend, serving the purpose of auditioning for a fuckton of theatre companies, but also seeing my family whom I miss very much. I haven't seen my dad in almost a year. That's a funny thing to think about, especially since I don't really think about it too often, and then have pangs of overwhelming homesickness.

Dad and I had never been close until I moved away to college, and even then, we were really only vaguely friends. I remember when I was very young having tons of fun with my dad, memories of water gun fights, or road trips to Kansas City, or trips to the Science Center where he dropped his slice of pizza on his lap - remember that, dad? Then, as all things do, we grew apart, as I grew into my own person. It happens overnight, really, and it's an evolution to get back. But we never stopped loving each other, that's for sure. I always had the luxury of knowing my dad loves me. Not a lot of people can say that.

When I started my professional actor/writer/administrative life, we talked less and less, but the times we did talk were great, or at least funny. I started to think about him at least every day; wondering how he's doing, what he's been up to, the usual stuff when it comes to people you care about that happen to live 2000 miles away. More and more when we talk on the phone it's about discussions that normal people have with their fathers: advice on career, girl troubles, money issues... and I love my dad, and am lucky to say that.

He married again, after my mom and him were divorced. Laurie is a good person, and even though we clashed a lot, we love each other. I love how people evolve, and especially I love it that I've evolved.

It'll be great to see them.

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