Friday, February 20, 2009

Hi Folks, I'm in St. Louis

I love my home.  As stated before, I love my dad and Laurie (stepmom) as well.  But there's something about being home that cures what ails you.  Well, except if you hated your home, but I've been lucky to have had a pretty good time here, aside from the times when I didn't.  

Every time I turn a corner here in St. Louis, I see something I remember, or something is new, but great; this place is actually starting to look like a real city.  I can definitely see myself, after becoming a mega super box office smash, coming back here and starting my own theatre company, or branching out with the People's Theatre company.  This is a good place.  

The only downside that's been happening here is that many of my old friends have been a little flakey in getting back to me and meeting up.  Not Nick, he's still awesome, just incredibly busy, but some of my really good friends from college who live around here, they're either nonexistent or being very cold in our correspondence.  Strange.  Maybe they're jealous.  Yeah, sure, that's it.

I'm not letting me spoil this trip.  Even if I stay close to home, it's still fun to walk around this old neighborhood, or take a short drive to the Zoo, or the Science Center or the ANYTHING.  It's a really good place.  

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Meredith said...

I'm jealous. Of you being in St Louis, I mean. Except I am not there at the moment to hang out with you. How lame is that?