Thursday, February 5, 2009

Horrible Rampant Unemployment... but still I bitch.

It's taken me a total of 3 days to hate my new job.  Granted, I had some hatred for it before I even started: part time, $10 an hour, almost nothing to do.  Some people might think this is a good thing, the whole nothing to do.  Yes, I got very good at it at SWA, for sure, but there's something different here.  Maybe it's because the computer desk I have here is so unergonomical that I'm ending up with huge painful marks on the bottom of my wrists.  Or maybe it's because I've had little to no training as to what I'm supposed to be doing today/at all.  Or maybe it's because I actually have some semblance of how work should be filled with doing something that I feel bad when I'm checking my google reader.  Also, the chair is bad.

I've had a pretty good couple of weeks aside from that.  It's been pretty relaxing, and I've had a few auditions that have been going pretty well.  Aside from the fact that last Decemberish I forgot to sign up for the TBA auditions, I feel pretty good as to how my career is going, especially with the opportunities I've been having lately, and the fact that I've had to turn down projects.  Rad.  

Tomorrow David wants me to come in and help with lights, and I am completely down with that; I love doing light hangs and such... the poopy part of this is that I'm feeling kinda shitty - yes, it might just be because I'm at a place that I don't really want to spend the next... jesus, 5 and a half hours, but my sickeyness has been a bit more than just appearing at work - bad last night, bad this morning... who knows.  If I get sick, so be it, and I won't go.

Tuesday Monica and I went on a date to see Burn The Floor at the Post Street Theatre.  It was an amazing dance performance, albeit a little flashy at times, and one that I need to post on EDGE tonight.

Aaand I need to make it up to Target or Best Buy (probably Target; have something to return there) to bite the bullet and buy a new printer.  The one I got from Kele (thanks, Kele!) just exploded and will not for the life of it do anything other than stutter while trying to munch down paper.  It's a hand me down anyway.  Here's my conversation with the poor ol' girl:

Me:  Hey printer, print out this application, will ya?


Me:  Time for the shotgun, ol' girl.

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