Monday, January 26, 2009

Spilled water and Auditions

As devotees of the blog may note, I have had many troubles with Earthlink. Nothing whatsoever has been resolved, but now whenever a page is loading too long, or the bar at the lower bottom of Firefox isn't moving, my breath becomes short, tears well up, and a lump appears in my throat.* It happens a lot.

Not much going on in Ben news of late. Tim spilled water on my keyboard (boo) so it gave me an excuse to go out and get a new one (yay) from Best Buy. My thought on the matter was that the Apple keyboard would be the most expensive one there; pretty logical, right? Walking past, neglecting the helpfulness of the genius bar, oh sorry, apple technicians, I saw that the (very thin for) $50 keyboard was beautiful as it was available to buy. Just for shits, I went around searching to see what the normal population uses as their keyboard. The non Mac fools.

Turns out, $50 was one of the lowest prices out there, with "gamer" boards all over the place going for 70 bucks or more. Certainly there were some average keyboards, but honestly, for 20 bucks more I can have a wafer thin beauty that is slightly obnoxious to try and type on, but still so beautiful I don't care.

Really though, it's easy enough to type on. See? No typos.

Because I love me some technology, I almost bought another external hard drive that would connect with my Firewire port (firewire on my computer is slightly faster than usb 2.0), because I have an extra port there, and am all out of usb ports. I stopped myself because:
  • I have space remaining on my current external drive.
  • I don't have the money for a Terrabite drive.
  • I don't have stuff to put on it.
So I guess I'm going to have to wait for more media to fall off a truck onto my computer.


Audition for Theatreworks tonight, followed by a Callback for Last night at Ballyhoo. Excited about both. Especially because if I don't get Ballyhoo, I can still stage manage Dot's new show, Lead. So it'll be a busy first part of the year, up through Wildcat.

Typing it all out like that makes me feel I've been doing a little better than I thought when it comes to my acting career.

*this is a lie

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