Thursday, January 22, 2009

Writing again

I just finished all the newer Doctor Who series (they rock and have made some amazing art, the British really know how to make a television show) and now am going on to Torchwood. Yes, I know they're really supposed to be viewed slightly together, simply because they're on the same timeline, and that Doctor Who finale would have been great if I knew where the crossover was coming from, but whatever. It's all good. Good art, and I'm actually learning more about my craft from watching this show; neat, huh?

Anyway, working on a new piece for a Monday audition. Fortinbras. Should be fun and a little silly - it's for Theatreworks, and since I've seen their show, and have been denied some work there before, I'm just going to go all the way and follow the tradition of the style of their shows. Big and campy! At least, they might be in the mindset of them, since their current show is in fact, big and campy. And they seem to hire big and campy actors, or at least those that are capable... so might as well show I'm capable.

And super glad that winter is back to the bay area! Yay! I was getting tired of the endless lovely summery days and the glorious temperatures and the marvelous sunchine.... yeah. Rain is nice too, I guess.

And I'm writing. That's what writers do.

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