Thursday, January 8, 2009

Its the new year!

I had a spectacular holiday in Disneyland with Monica and Vicki (and Bill, a little). Like a little child, I was blown away again at how fun that place is; maybe it's just that I haven't had it in my life at all, and these past 2 years I've gone twice, giving me the feeling that I should have had when I was 7. But without the tantrums. Honestly though, I like it better now that I actually have a fully developed mind.

And Monica and I are doing better, which is great. We made some resolutions that I am determined to succeed with following through. Wow, can you tell that I haven't written anything in a while?

In any case, it's been the same stuff going on in my life at the moment. Looking for work, exercising, setting up auditions. It's a somewhat dry season for acting right now, at least in my world. Although I did hear about one of my friends getting an understudy gig at Berkeley Rep. I am happy for him, completely jealous, and a little angry. Natural feelings for an actor to have, and I'm accepting them for a little while, when at that point I will let it go.

2008 Sucked Royal Ass. I am fucking determined to make 2009 an awesome year.

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