Monday, January 12, 2009

Cool stuff and afterthought: wow I'm out of practice writing.

Pretty cool stuff. I made some calls, and I'm going to be heading to callbacks for Mountain Play loveliness. And I'm going to go to auditions for Marin Shakespeare. Cool shit, really, keeping busy, and doing what I can for my career. It is a little odd though; Jim called me and said the callbacks were on February 1st, when the website says 7th. I'm more inclined to believe a website than an old man, but I'll give him a call later this week just to be sure.

More cool news: I'm going to be in a D&D game, one of which I actually haven't made a character yet - not worried in the least. One of the best parts of playing the game is making the characters, and I actually plan on making several, probably ending up with a Gnome or Halfling Warlock. I might end up with Gnome.... they're just so much more plucky. See what my geekery comes to? It's going to be awesome.


This past weekend was a little strange. Saturday ended up being a day of loafing around, mostly by accident. In some strange occurrence, Monica and I ended up completely misinterpreting what we wanted to do, and ended up fucking around on the computer and on my DS pretty much all day. Funny about that, though; it's fun to play games, and I did have a good time, but we wasted almost the entire day, and a slightly awkward walk afterwards where I thought we were tense, but in reality, it was a completely okay walk.

It's things like this that give me a little pause when it comes to thinking about contentment. Even when there's a great relationship like Monica and I, there's still miscommunication that happens way too much for my liking. Gotta work on that. In addition to all the other resolutions that I'm committed to this year. Let's hope they last longer than my previous resolutions.

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