Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Afternoon Headache

I used to get headaches in the afternoon almost every day. The workaday world was just fucking stressing me out and giving me bad vibes. I think lately it's mostly just been me being an asshole to everyone in my personal life that has been the outlet for all this weird pent up stuff in my head, but since I've been on my positive outlook kick, my afternoon headache might be back for now.

Cool though is I just got the dates for the SM gig for Shotgun. Might not be able to do it; it's right after we get back from The Lou, and Sunrise at Blah blah starts up shortly therafter. (I counted my lines, I have 5. Easiest equity points ever.) We'll see if I can schedule both, I probably can since it's only 2 days, and it would be building up some contacts, but if not... what the fuck it's only contacts in an area I'm leaving.

I've been playing Ikariam today. It's like Civ, but web based. (found it through Kotaku.) I've always liked the civ games, but stopped playing sometime in my junior year of high school and never really went back. It's not that I didn't like them, I just didn't have the time, I guess. Or maybe the energy. After all, I was pretty hardcore into roleplaying games at that point. The cool thing is, is that there are some pretty cool Civ inspired games coming out soon, or have been out, and I just haven't fucked around with them. Simcity Societies, for one, looks amazing! And Spore, when it gets out (the end of linear time, last I checked) is going to be probably the best game ever. It looks like it's a good time to be a gamer - oh right I can't afford any of them. Oops.

Officially got my taxes done. Found an email in my box from TurboTax saying "your taxes have been accepted! Now mail this off!" So I did, it's in the mailbox now. I dont' like doing taxes, and I have a feeling that once I book more gigs and get paid more frequently with theatres, I'm going to need to do something different. For example, Willows probably doesn't do no funny bizness. Oh well, next year I'll get a tax preparer and have piece of mind, I guess. Or not. I'll figure something out; it all depends on where I'll be. I hope I'll be somewhere that makes me flourish.

8 minutes to go.

So Tim's eyes have become infected because of his old contacts he has been using. He's really strapped for cash, so he hasn't bought any new contacts OR new glasses. So now he's practically blind, and is on antibiotics (which probably cost more than contacts would) and still needs glasses/contacts. Too bad he doesn't have a vision plan with his job. Isn't that wonderful? I love it how if someone needs to see they will have to pay out the ass for it. Wonderful. Great world we live in.

Anyway, his eyes are al puffy and gross and stuff, so if I get home before he leaves for my mom's ferry pickup, I'm going to offer to pick mom up from the ferry. He just needs to rest, poor dude. At least he didn't go to work for the past 2 days. That's more of a shitty thing though; I hate staying home when I'm actually sick.

Freddy is here trying to mail stuff with the mail machine. Freddy's a really cool dude; he works for Snaps, the repro company that shares our building, and he's our janitor. He's awesome. Unfortunately, he's not very tech savvy, so it always comes down to him trying really hard to get the machine to work, and then asking reluctantly for our help. I know he wants to know how to do it by himself; after all, he's been using it longer than I have, but I just think there's a mental block. I kinda feel sorry for him.

And it's all figured out. What a nice guy.

Alright, time to close up shop. Time to go home and take care of this headache with a good old fashioned round of "Trying To Beat Portal."

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