Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Le Sigh

Wireless internet! Woohoo! It's funny that the only reason I bought and set up a wireless internet was to upload video games to my iPhone, but there you have it. I finally came to the point where I needed to use wireless for something, rather than it just being a luxury that I didn't really care about; something that was nice, but ultimately whatever. But now a whole new slew of options has opened up with wireless at home... oh man oh man! My iPhone can be more awesome anywhere in my house now! And I can move my computer (if I wanted) to anywhere in the home! Cool! But then again... I could just be playing on my computer. Shut UP, voice of reason.

It was cool though, and a chance to spend more money on Apple products. Like they need more money sure, and they are building things in China, therefore supporting a horrible regime of terror on Tibet. So techinically, I'm to blame for everything happening. But then again, one can't blame oneself for living in this culture that we live in; after all I can't be responsible for where the suppliers buy things, all I can do is choose where I buy from. It's a stupid fucking world we live in. At least it's wireless now though! WOOHOO! Fuck Tibet!

Ugh, that made me feel bad.

And, in the "Karma's a Bitch" category, my granola bar is weirdly chewy. They're supposed to be crunchy and delish, but this is weeeird.

Okay, just told Bonny about super secret thing that needs to happen. I mean, Vegas trip that I totally botched in communication. If she disagrees, I probably won't be able to go, and be out about $150 in plane fares. (I'd be out more if I did go to Vegas though, HEY-OO!) The main drag is that if I miss it, it'd be Monica and I's 1 year anniversary that I'm missing, and while I'm not really one for anniversaries, she is, and it certainly would be fun to be in Vegas for that, specifically at Mandalay Bay. I am so excited for it. I'm not going to say "was;" I want to keep my hopes up that Bonny will come through with the scheme and let me go. I really want to go. Whatever.

I'm just going to blame everyone else except myself: My job, my play, my love of not telling people my schedules. Everyone else is to blame, not me!

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