Friday, April 25, 2008

At least.

The grind has finally wound its way through the cracks in my +3 Armor of Sarcasm and my +4 Cape of Indifference and made it to my soul. Now my soul is sucked, and I feel a change coming on. It's a small change at first, that just fills you with a mild dread, and then you succumb. This is how it begins; I'm really excited for Friday. Thank God It's Friday, even. I feel hideous for thinking that, why should I be happy? I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, and then another week of boredom after that. I've never been excited like this before. It makes me feel strange and different; a completely different person in a completely different world. I am lost at sea, and am afraid to fall into this office world.

But at least it's Friday.

I've scheduled a time to see Love Person over at MTC for my magazine. It's going to be pretty cool, I hope. If not, then it'll reinforce the concept of "THAT'S why I never get cast around here" concept that's been going through my head recently. (It's because everyone' s stupid, that's why, really.) I really hope it'll be good though, I like seeing good shows, and I like writing about good shows. Then again, I like being funny when I see bad shows... so it's all good. I think this will be a neat start to something new. I don't know if I could ever make a career out of it; but it certainly would be fun to do for a while, don't you think? I wonder who I'm talking to.

I hope I can get some video game action in during this weekend. I haven't played Portal in FOREVER, and BioShock for even longer. I have a feeling I also want to grab The Orange Box and sit down to work on Half Life and Team Fortress 2; all of these games seem right up my alley. Also, LOTRO is there, beconing me from underneath its constant updates.

Also, I just found out that Amazon is having a sale on Sim City Societies for $10. I never thought I'd buy this game at full price, so this is a nice little thing. And it also gives me an excuse to buy two other games in a "might as well while I'm there" sort of thing. Yes, I continue to be a consumer whore. But hey, that's what's happening to me! Job = buy shit!

So this was certainly a scattered post. Hopefully something more coherent later.

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