Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alright People

Lets see if I can get this straight.

With this application ( I can do a shotgun blast of posts to all my blogs, including my newly made tumblr:

Unfortunately, it seems like I can only include actual HTML, which I don't feel like typing in at the moment (hence the actual copy pasted URLs, rather than included in the text). That's okay though, maybe through a beta things will be different.

We'll see how this works, and if it sucks, who cares! If it works, then people will actually know what's going on, especially my lazy friends who only read livejournal and then complain that I don't post; you know who you are. I actually post almost every day. You just don't know where anything is. I'm looking at you, Nick.

Anyway, I'm not too super excited about this, but it may work out really well.


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