Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tell Tales

The woot shirt today is pretty incredible. I need to be stronger in this case, but this might just be irresistable. I could skip lunch today in lieu of getting this shirt. Espcially since no rehearsal tonight equals ben probably mooching from mom for a pizza or something. That would be fun.

That's the joy of having a home away from the parents' house. Even if it's close, when you go back, they're always overjoyed to see you and there's probably going to be pizza involved. Or chinese food. I like pizza better. I like indian food better than all of thems though.

Hm. Odd, neither of my coworkers are here yet. Not like I'm incredibly worried, I don't really care whether they're here or not; I'll just tell my peeps here that I'm the only one here, and they'll be nicer to me. Or not. Or whatever. I don't care. I'm so over this job, my play, and for the incredible exception of Monica, my life here in the Bay Area. Even the love of my family wouldn't keep me here; it's just a done place all around. Maybe if there was better theatre here.. but that just goes into my cyclical argument that I can never win unless I get the fuck out of here.

Bonny's here! Done. So what I thought was a day off isn't. Too bad.

Received a response from Telltale yesterday or the day before about wanting to talk about the resume I sent in. Then nothing after I responded to them. Hopefully, they're just busy (a good sign they may need me) and they'll call me today. I'm so fucking eager to talk to them about games and why I'd be a good tester and dear god I Need To Get Out Of This Fucking Job And Into Something I Like.

Hold on a bit, I need to wash my bowl. Okay, now I have a clean bowl for my grapefruit peeling.

Okay, I don't feel like writing anymore.

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