Thursday, May 1, 2008


Never have I been so excited NOT to have been called back as I was listening to that Kaiser voicemail. The more I thought about the program, the more I became polarized. It was so cool to think that I might be a person who lived fully from the theatre (that really shouldn't be something I wish for with all the joy in my heart; it really should be there for anyone who wants to take it, but that'll just have to happen when I have my own country to run), but then I remembered how the auditions were, and stories from others about how it's a good experience, but a weird one. Lots of improv (gag). Whatever though. I have a feeling if they didn't have their fingers up their asses I would have liked it better and would have been more disappointed.

Telltale still hasn't got back to me; I'm going to call them tonight and leave a message for the guy who sent me an email. I would love to just be able to talk to him, even if something else has come up and they don't need anyone else anymore. Like I've stated many times before, I'm trying to play the game of keeping communications up as much as possible. I've also (gasp) actually branched out from craigslist when looking for jobs and such in this area and others. I've gone to websites of jobs and given them my resume saying things like "I love your work, I know you're not looking for a worker like me, but if you ever need an admin, I would love to work for a gaming company that makes such cool art like you do." You never know what might happen, and it's always good to get yourself out there.

No rehearsal tonight (yippie!) so I can catch up on watching last week's LOST before this week's LOST comes on. I've spent the entire week not reading my normal blogs because of that; everyone's been talking about this last episode and how wonderful it was, and as soon as I hear about Ben's Door I want to punch myself for continuing to read. Oh well, I will find out tonight! Woo! Also, I'll probably play some Sam and Max. And Vagrant Story. Hell, I'll probably even play Passage again. Someone please tell me why I do theatre again? Oh right, insatiable passion. Gotcha.

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