Thursday, May 15, 2008


Was crusin' through craigslist yesterday at the show and found this. I applied for it this morning, with a quick email to Will, the other guy at Telltale I've been corresponding with (don't think I got the tester position, but I did say, "if you think I'm better suited for the Admin position, please forward my resume along!" so maybe that'll help). That job will get me ammo to get out of this one; even if it's a lateral move, it will be a move in a direction that I love! To a company that makes things I actually care about. I hope hope hope. So keep me in your thoughts friends.

Lets see... two shows yesterday. I had to work in the morning as well, it was a LONG day. The shows went well, thank you for asking, but the play itself is just so bad that it's really hard to tell if things are going well or not; I think they're approximately the same if the show was going splendidly or horribly - no one in the audience really cares. And who goes to Wednesday matinées in concord anyway? Lots, to tell you the truth, and they loved this show about FDR. People are loving the show. It is very surprising to me. They are also not really digging my scene, but I'm having a good time with it, so I'll eat up the scenery for as long as I can.

One more show tonight, 7:30, not 8, like I thought. That's good, it'll mean we get out earlier, but bad, because, well, it's another show. Man, my attitude needs to change, because my environment certainly won't for another 2 weeks. Let it go, Ben, let it go. Have fun with the fun people in the show. Hm. I was sarcastic there before I really even knew I was being sarcastic.

Alright, going to be productive.

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