Monday, May 5, 2008


Lately I've been getting into indie games. Mostly because I haven't been home to play any of the big ones I have (Portal, BioShock, Persona, etc.) and because indie games eat up less memory, and often are browser based, so I can just do them at work with no install necessary. It helps keep me sane.

These are my favorites:

  1. Urban Dead: This game fills any zombie lover's heart with joy; it's a low tech, massive multiplayer survival horror game! You can play on either side of the fight, trying to live and fight the ever increasing hoarde. Alternatively, you can suck brains. And at any point you can switch sides! Incredible. Here's the creator's site.
  2. My Heroes Ability: Yes, it's a facebook app, and yes, you have to log into facebook, but if you're not against the weird social networking site, this game is pretty fun, especially if you're a fan of the show. The game itself takes (lots) of liberties; it is hardly a nuanced form of gameplay, and the free for all areas are often full of bots. What they get out of the game, who knows? Still, if one has a good group of friends, it's a good way to kill time.
  3. Samorost: Actually, this is Samorost 2, but either game can be played first; I started with the second, so naturally I gravitate there. All the environments and characters are hand drawn in this puzzle and rescue game. Excellent design.
  4. Passage: Not browser based, but one of the most excellent games out there. A very simple story; touching and beautiful. Simple graphics, simple music, it invokes something much deeper than the sum of its parts.
  5. The Kingdom Of Loathing: I think I have a type; very simple graphics and design with wonderful gameplay. Plus, you get to make an asshat out of two buns. What other game lets you do that?
  6. Phoenix MUD: Remember MUDs, MOOs, MUSHs? This one started it all for me; they work on any computer, are filled with good people, and are free. If you like reading fantasy (you know, like in book form), this might be a good place to check out. There are bigger, more complex ones out there, but this will always have a special place in my heart.
  7. Typeracer: Racing and typing. Typing to race. Oh man oh man. If I was an asshole teacher back in high school, I would totally use this software instead of Mavis Beacon.
  8. Uh, Go And Find Your Own?: That's where I started, but there is an amazing amount of indie games out there, all to help you through your horrible workday.


All weekend was full of tech rehearsals for Sunrise at Campobello. I'm now convinced that this show is going to be an incredible horror. I've also learned something interesting: all the money that usually would go into a show like this is going into Evil Dead: The Musical; the next show on the agenda at the Willows. As I was bitching to Tim last night (we like bitching on the ride home before we get too tired to talk), they should have just done one good show instead of two medocre ones. The problem with what they've done is that they've split their focus; all their equity contracts have gone into Sunrise, and all the money's gone into Evil Dead. That's not to say non equity actors are bad (I'm one of them, of course), but if you're a theatre who offers equity contracts, it's more likely to get people who are in the field as a profession, rather than something they can afford to push to the side... like most the atrociousness in Sunrise.

That being said, I've made a few good friends and gotten to know some old ones better. There are some genuinely good people, and I really think it's the timing that's bad right now. Right before a show I was never excited about, I always get my crankiest, and take things too seriously when people say things normally. I'm tense right now, haven't slept in so long, and am trying unsuccessfully to make it through a workday. I need rest. I think it's this state that I'm in that makes me weary of going to a full fledged program for 3 years. Do I like theatre enough? Answer: Yes. Also, people like it if you have an MFA. So shut your pie hole. Mmm... I'm hungry.

Update: Check out PMOG. In fact, I might make this blog post a mission. Kisses!

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