Saturday, May 3, 2008

A mobile post.

I'm a fan if this phone, lets me post wherever the fuck I want to.
That's really all I needed to say; just that I'm happy with this shit.

So. Against advice, I went to my email yesterday to email telltale and
tell them a tale (ha) about how I wasn't prepared and was excited, and
that's why I didn't have what I wanted to day for them. Okay! So cool,
I'll just open up the gmail and write something witty.

Oh man. There was an email from them. Saying they'd call me at 1
unless I told them. Wow, really botched, right? WRONG! It gave me even
more fuel to say I didn't get this email and therefore not really
prepared. More well said than that, ya know.

So I did. Then they got back to me! Will said that since he missed MY
email for the past two days, it only is fair; he even said, "no
worries"! Awesome. Anyway, he answered my questions and asked me some
more... a great sign that this dream job might actually happen. Maybe.
Keep putting it out there in the world for me, guys.

And now back to The World Ends With You.



Oh emm gee.

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