Thursday, May 8, 2008

After My Man Made Weekend

Tuesday and Wednesday were nice. I really needed the rest; one never knows how much one needs sleep until it attacks us violently and says, "Hey, you're going to bed, asshole." Unfortunately, Tuesday I had to get up early to go to the Academy of Art and do a scene I hadn't studied for 4 weeks, or had rehearsed at all, for I had thought the director had fallen of the face of the earth; so incommunicative had he been. It turns out he was in the hospital, so I wasn't that upset, and obviously he needed to get the scene done for his grade... but still, it was annoying, especially how he got a little annoyed when we didn't have our lines down. He's just in a tough place, and I won't hold it against him. I will, however, do less projects there; I'm just not up to missing that much work for so little to do. Such is life! I wish I didn't have to work a full time job and do my art as a hobby, but that's how it is, and that's how I have to live it for now. (Just in case, I hope that wish really does come true and I get a full time acting gig sometime soon.

After the Academy, had a very nice time with Monica - it's rare that we both have time off now a days - and it was nice. Good lunch too, but I think I'm just thinking about lunch right now because my stomach rumbled. It's a walk to panda for me today, I think! Later that evening, I rode with Tim to the second preview, and it was an okay show. After the reaction from the first night, they cut the orderly scene at the end (thank god) but we still had to endure another tedious "Q&A" at the end of the night, where they never have any questions for the cast, only the director, all the questions are stupid, and oh yes, the director pushes them to ask questions, so these people who wouldn't know theatre if it came up, tapped it on the shoulder, gave it helpful suggestions to get to the local grocery store, and then hit them in the face, are giving us suggestions. We, who (mostly) have gone to school for years to work on our art, are being given advice. Brilliant. Since I'm not going to go into the show any more, last night's performance was kinda stupid too. Well, one more: we're having a brush up rehearsal tomorrow (for what reason, I have no idea), and I can't make it. So that's on my mind; I have to talk to the stage manager at lunch and tell them I can't miss any more work than I'm already going to with the matinée performances coming up in the next few weeks.

Anyway. Bonny's leaving tomorrow. I'm going to miss her here, as said before, because she's just so chill. What a good person to have as a coworker. Plus, having her here meant she did all the shit I didn't want to do, and I did all the really complex stuff that took up a lot of time, all in all, it made the days go by pretty quickly (as quick as a weird soul sucking job can go) and we had a good time chatting or just spacing out doing absolutely nothing for the hours upon hours that this job has nothing to do.

Hehe, just got distracted by Grow Cube. What a cute game that is.

Yesterday I slept. For so long. It was amazing. I woke up, drove home, and went back to sleep. Oh man. How much fun that was, I can't even imagine. I needed it. And then I played LOTRO for HOURS. I deleted my old character (Hobbit Minstrel) and made a new one with the same name (Hobbit Hunter) and started over; it had been too long and I couldn't easily jump back in at the same level as my last one. I just have to say, I love being a hobbit. What a wonderful world they've created - I can't wait to try out the bigger places and find a fellowship and rock all that out. I need to make more time in my life for gaming.

Plan for lunch: No walk today (been really lax lately), I need to eat, then call Jamie. Those, at the moment, are more important; I wouldn't want to leave them hanging tomorrow, so soon as possible!

Plan for afternoon: Survive, one day at a time!

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