Monday, May 5, 2008


I've installed Firefox at work. SHH. I'm using it right now to type this. I can't believe I was using IE all this time to do work, when (yes, we all know) Firefox is the superior browser. I don't know why everyone hasn't switched to this wonder of wonders. Geez, even the most barebones thing about Firefox is so much better than IE. TABS! For gods' sake, think of the wonderfulness that is tabs! Wow, I don't mean to sound like a dork, but I actually let out a sigh of relief when I started it up and booted up some bookmarks in tome tabs up there. They're waiting patiently for me, up there, sitting quietly and loving me all the same.

Plus, the only way to play PMOG is through Firefox, so that just took the cake. (It's a good game so far, but I wouldn't really call it a game, just an informational site masquerading as a game. It harnesses the power of the users of the internet to show off what they know and gathering information. It's more like a wiki than anything else. But it's a wiki where you gain experience points, so that's all good. I don't know if I like it yet, but it may grow on me. After all the faux Victorian shit is pretty excellent.)

Ahh, even when I spell words wrong Firefox puts small red lines underneath, as if to say, "Good sir, this is a word unrecognized to me, please, make sure you want to write this!" I love it. I wish I could give it some cake. First of all, I wished I had some cake.


I'm still here. Monica came up with a great idea of me making it through my day (or at least till 4:30; my revised plan) and that I would take the next two days as sick days. Why two do you ask? Well, tomorrow's the film for the Academy of Art (of which the director got back to me after being out of commission for TWO WEEKS) and the next day is the matinée of Campobello. So might as well take the whole day off, hm? I thought so. I'm glad you agree with me, Zigfried. He's such a good butler, and bring me another mimosa.

Just got into a pseudofight. I don't like that, and I don't like having my opinions and ideas being thrown aside like they're nothing. Oh internet, you're my only friend; I really hate people sometimes. Books are good too, I guess. Oh yeah, and gaming. Oh yeah, and... lots of other stuff. But people, not them. Fuck people.

Almost done. 27 minutes left... then a night of horror. OR FUN!

Probably horror.

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