Thursday, May 22, 2008

Temps and Fires

Finished Transformers yesterday. There might be a review of it later, there might not. I might not want to spend that much more time in my mind about the hilarious waste of a movie that was. So glad there was no actual money spent on that.

What to say what to say... eating the rest of my Macho Burrito from Mi Pueblo. It's quite excellent. Can't believe how good it is even after a day and a half sitting in the fridge; just a little soggy around the edges, but you know what? I kinda like that anyway. Gotta go there more often.

Just realized that Firefox doesn't say 'gotta' is a misspelling. Thought that was a misspelling, but I did it anyway. Whatever.

Obviously, not much to say today. We have our temp, Veda, for the next four days, and that'll be a good time when she's gone. She's a nice enough person, but boy howdy is she annoying. Semi annoying? Mostly semi annoying, to edit. She's a nice enough person, but I now realize that even though I'm not a genius in anything really... I am a lot smarter and more intuitive than some people. It's a strange feeling, and it makes me feel superior, which makes me feel a little bad about myself, which in turn makes me feel better about feeling bad about myself, which fills me with more strange feelings.

But whatever about that. Today we had the phone presentation about our new phone system at work. Now, you know me and my attitude towards work. It ranges from apathy to hatred. This new tech, however, has made me uncharacteristically excited. Like, absurdly so. I get another monitor (!) as well as a lot more free space on my desk; the new phones are MUCH smaller than the old ones, as well as the switchboard being thrown out. Also there's a huge amount of other goodies that goes with it, like call forwarding, direct numbers, and other shit that I've immediately forgotten but will discover in the process of forwarding people to the wrong places. It should be awesome.

Sadish news: I'm going to have to decline Horton. Stapleton requires a fee to perform in their productions, and that's just a line I'm not going to cross when it comes to my profession. High and mighty yeah, but it's just something I can't do if I want to call myself a professional actor.

And I'm sending positive energy out there for my friend Jenny; her house is burning down in the wildfires. Please stay safe.

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