Monday, May 12, 2008

Movin' on up

Moved over to Bonny's old place this morning. Gotta say, it's pretty nice over here, and no one can see me blogging or playing games or anything like that; she had it cushy for a while. Maybe also this seat will be good luck and find a new job. OH PLEASE OH PLEASE. I miss Bonny already though; we were pretty good pals... I hope we stay in touch, at the very least because she likes beer as much as I do.


That's as far as I got yesterday before all hell broke loose and I was working pretty much all day. That actually brings me a little bit of comfort; I'll be working harder, so the days will go quicker, and with my newfound "only person here" place, I might even be able to get some leverage when it comes to asking for any days off/part time/more money/all of the above. In any case, I do hope we find someone soon, at least part time, so I can get back to complaining about there nothing to do here.

Lets see... nothing much else to report. I tried installing VMware Fusion last night, but the windows partition ran SO slow that I think I need to do something else with the program, like not run 8 billion other ones at the same time. Originally, my goal in setting up VMware was to set up Linux, to see how that looks - just something new to try out, I'm a fan of Leopard. But didn't get that up, and didn't get the file downloaded; 700MB, and I wanted to play some more Sam & Max, so I wanted some free space for that.

Talked to my mum, she's quitting her job soon because they won't let her take time off for her play this summer - she'd be missing 5 weeks. My feeling is that they won't let her take off that time because it's really another job as opposed to a genuine emergency in real life. In that case, I said to her, let me get into a huge disfiguring accident and then you'll have to take care of me! And you can really go to the show, because it'll all be makeup. How fantastic/hilarious sit com would that be?

She didn't quite like the idea. But was sold on talking to her people today and seeing if she can work any thing out. After all, the last time she threatened to quit her job, they pleaded and gave her a raise. I told her to take the raise and still quit later on. That'll how those fuckers! She hates that job anyway. Even more than my situation is.

So. Just found out that 5 of my friends from college are working, full time, at theatres in Chicago. Now, this makes me happy for them, but as usual, very very jealous and surprised that these people have jobs in theatre. If only these directors or whatever knew how hard working and talented I was... but no no. Ben, you gotta calm down, Chicago has a ton of theatre, MUCH more than here, and they are hard workers. It's true. And then I spiral into my loop of why the fuck did I come out here in the first place. And... settling down into depression and bitterness, my good companions who stay with me through thick and thin! Yay.

Something has to change soon or I will explode. But but Ben, didn't you get into this summer program and grad school? Yes, self, I did, but I mean something that I'm not apprehensive about and that wouldn't make me leave the continental US.

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