Tuesday, May 20, 2008

O! Oatmeal!

O! Look! It is healthy oatmeal!
I chose you over the other kind.
You are to be my new cereal!
To keep keen my heart and mind.

I fill my bowl with two packets,
Hot water, give it a stir.
My spoon moves quickly; hard to track it,
It moves with a blur.

I thickens quickly, to my delight,
And then begins to thicken.
My heart jumps at the sight,
And then begins to quicken.

One bite, the apple taste to my lips,
This breakfast treat is to be envied!
Two bite, the taste is gone, a flip
From the steaming bowl, once envied.

"Two packets is too much!" I scream, I shout,
"This substance is much too thick!
O, starving Africans must think me a lout,
For throwing this concoction out quick!"

I hang my head in shame, for what I know now
Is that I should have started small,
The reason it is "Weight Control," (wow!)
Is because it tastes like ass, if at all.

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