Friday, May 2, 2008

This is why I have a bootched tag

So after my excitement of Telltale emailing me and wanting an interview and then not calling me, and after me calling them last night eager for a time to talk, Will Armstrong, the head tester, called today and I totally blew it.

Well, wait, not totally. It was more of a minor botch thing; something that would make me seem like an average applicant, not necessarily someone who they would want on their team. Just a guy, not a super guy. We did vary from the normal interview talk to stuff about me, how I'm an actor, etc., but mostly I think it was out of lack of anything else to say.

I honestly don't know what comes over me when I'm at an interview. Even one on the phone. I get exceedingly awkward. I'm not an awkward person, really, it's just all my ideas and things to say jump out the window and I'm sitting there like "der, nottin to say to yer, gob'ner". It's not as bad as that. And it wasn't a bad interview, I have to keep saying that. What I should have said were the questions I had prepared and kept safely on a sheet of paper on my desk, thereby helping me while I'm walking up a hill a half a mile away. Sometimes I'm too smart for myself.

My questions were, in case you were wondering:
  1. What kind of programming do Testers do?
  2. What kind of troubleshooting?
  3. You mentioned customer service, how does that factor in?

But what I did say was:

  1. I'm a big fat dork?
  2. Yes?
  3. Because I didn't prepare?

Moral of the story: Be better prepared, even if you think they're not going to call. Or just wait and tell them to call another time. Or just tell them that you need to get to your desk where I wrote down some questions for you. Also, fuck morals.

My charming personality did shine through, as did my eagerness for the job. I also showed him that I'm articulate and blah blah blah. (See what I did there? I'm hilarious.) But I did botch it; chalk it up to experience and move on.

Unless they hire me, and in that case someone's really been putting some good energy out there for me, and considering my angry attude I've been having for the world recently and what I've been receiving back... yeah, no wonder I feel awkward.

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