Monday, August 20, 2007

The High School Musicale

Today it begins.

I can't believe I actually agreed to Stage Manage this. Today is the day that I get to meet 45 kids and try to keep them under control. The meeting yesterday made me think that the director wants me to not be only a Techincal Guru, but the disciplinarian of these children. This is another step in the chain of weirdness that has been this production company.

The joy in my life is that I'll be doing it with someone I care about so deeply. It's going to be fun carpooling back and forth and getting to know more and more about the person - sometimes it feels so wonderful just thinking about the future I think I'm going to burst. And I'm going to make the best out of the show though, it's the San Francisco premiere, I'm going to get paid for my work, and I have a great future ahead of me.

But, like all theatre that I get caught up in, I don't really want to do it. If only I did just that for a living. I say that to myself every single day. Then again, I don't really live in a place that has theatre that can fully support someone. (Why doesn't he just go to a bigger theatre town, you cry?)

I love it here, and as I've said to many people now, this has become my home. It has been a place of so much joy and fun and success. Yes, success. I've been fairly successful in my acting career, and it's not really slowing down - I hope it never does. Chicago is probably in my future, I have a spot in my heart for that place, but Los Angeles has been my goal forever, and I'm going to have to try.

Went and saw Superbad last night. All in all, a good movie, and I'm glad that I saw it on the big screen. It has certain wonderful moments that harken (hearken?) back to my times trying to find alcohol when underage, and how much I take that for granted now. And the horniness, oh my yes, I remember that well. To be honest, that still hasn't gone away, but I am a lot more confident in myself, and therefore able to have a lot more chances to make that horniness go away.

To sum it up: I am incredibly glad that I am done with high school and would never go back there in a million years. Unless, of course, it was in another life - and then I'd just go through it and be grateful it's over with again. Same goes for college - but as always I have been toying with the idea of graduate school.

Been trying to plow through Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation. It's a fucking brilliant book. I always am happy to find out people with similar tastes in the macabre that I am.

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