Saturday, October 23, 2010

After Ashland we headed West, to Coos Bay, OR. (Check out Grilla Bites if you ever are in Ashland, organic and healthy, not too expensive.) It's actually a really quaint place, and we have some very good friends there, so the road trip took a nice early 3 day break of just relaxing and watching youtube with people our age. We also ate at a Thai restaurant and I got to play some FPS that I thought I never would with a pretty reasonable coplayer. He didn't kill me. How nice of him!

The Oregon coast is amazingly beautiful. Reuben took us to see some hidden bays and coves where he used to kayak with his dad. It was magical, wonderful, perfectly clear. There were a lack of dogs (which was nice) and the water was surprisingly warm (which is even nicer). It was a good little fun stay at home thing. Staycation almost, except we drove bunches of miles to get there. I miss it.

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